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The Avengers Age of Ultron have hit a few snags along the way to continuing comic book cinema dominance. Now this movie may be doing great at the box office, it however doesn't have the same impact as its predecessor, The Avengers. Now it does have the disadvantage not being completely original. I mean the element of them coming together for the 1st time is lost, so that moment you got goosebumps didn't return for [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) where in the opening sequence they were back together as team. This isn't a review of the movie, even though some spoilers may be given here, it is more of a concern for the future of Marvel movies in general. I think this movie should have blew away the 1st movie by a mile... this where I think there is room for concern. I have a list for Marvel of things they do in their movies that will get old and tired real fast if they don't change it soon.

1. Marvel (Kevin Feige) and directors, are not always seeing eye to eye.

Listen, these guys influential and powerful, nothing is going to change that. Kevin is running the show and has this big plan in order. The phases and the big Infinity War happening two years from now with many other solo movies in between now and then. We have had great directors make some great Marvel movies, Jon Farvreau, Joss Whedon, James Gunn, and the Russo Bros. Where does the line between trust and control stand for him or them? Jon Farvreau got the ball rolling big in Iron Man, one of my top favorite superhero movies. But when it came to the sequel, Marvel started intervening, taking over Jon's movie. And just like that, Farvreau was gone. This is more apparent with Joss Whedon, same scenario practically. In this case though, Joss made this a personal verbal war online with his distaste of the forced film choices he had to make. Kevin wanted more of something Joss didn't, essentially forcing him out of the MCU. We will have to wait and see the director's cut for Joss's true vision, no pun intended. Word of advice Marvel, don't hire anybody that doesn't have strings....pun intended.

2. Too funny for their own good?

Yes, I do love to laugh, does it have to be every 3 minutes or thirty seconds? No, unless I went to see a comedy. But that is the point, these are action movies laced with some comedy, but I think in some instances, it turns the movie into a complete comedy and the serious content of the film sometimes gets rushed in order to insert the next joke. I really believe that on the Age of Ultron they spent more time on the jokes than storyline at times. Some got a little inappropriate, during the hammer lifting scene, Tony Stark proclaimed if he lifts the hammer and rules Asgard, he will have Prima Nocta instituted (Gross Tony, & morally off!). If Thanos goes goofy in Infinity War, I'm done.

3. Stop making super villains unworthy.

Now we had some baddies with real potential. Loki and the Winter Soldier aka (Spoiler) Bucky Barnes were indeed formidable foes. But guys like Malekith, Ronan, and even in some instances, Ultron had a lot of bark, but they didn't bite hard enough. Look, we understand these movies are about the hero, but at what cost? The villain makes the hero, so what happens when the villain... under performs? The movie can fall flat. Guardians gracefully dodged the bullet there, but [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462) didn't impact as much as it probably wanted to and with the trailers of Age of Ultron... we all thought the Avengers would be doomed. Let them give a severe beating...something. Don't rob great villains of their true potential. This leads into my next change...

4. Don't be afraid to kill a superhero or two... or three.

It seems to me in these movies, if you are popular, you probably won't die. Considering that every superhero in these movies are popular, NO ONE DIES. It is not that I crave death for the heroes, but killing some of them or beat them mercilessly would raise the stakes would worry fans, nothing wrong that, it is actually exciting! it feels that they saving them for.... future projects?! So wait, where is all the suspense for these movies? I think that part of it is most frustrating. To know there is a project with Joe Blow in the future, you know he isn't going to die, so why worry. I think there is nothing wrong with offing a major character, I think Age of Ultron had about twenty Avengers in the movie.... (Spoiler) It was more like twelve, but you get my point.

5. Stop connecting the solo movies with the whole MCU.

Now I was all for this early on, but now it is getting saturated with directors taking a seemingly different direction on where character is in the solo film verses ensemble films that being the Avengers. (SPOILERS) Best example, Iron Man 3, at the end of the movie, Tony looks like he is retiring from being Iron Man, blowing up his remaining suits and having his heart issue fixed. But it appeared he was busy at work helping create arc reactor tech for the insight crafts in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973). And where did he have time to do all of this being retired? I mean he made a Hulkbuster suit, with orbital replacements too?! And let's go back to solo movies, where are their teammates when there is a world threat? They came together to take out a bunker.... and some bad guys, hardly a threat. Ultimately, them trying to intertwine solo events with group events are too difficult to manage with different directors. It might be best to use the actors for their respected characters, but not include their current storylines.

A tweek here and there can make all the difference. What do you think? Do you think these are the most pressing issues? Comment below.


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