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Yes. Here it is! The first trailer for DC's Legends Of Tomorrow just got released at the CW upfronts this afternoon. And it look simply amazing! I know that some footage we'll not be part of the show and are just here for the presentation. I'll try to review the most important things we learn with this trailer.

White Canary lives !

As you see Sara Lance is much alive in this trailer, for our greatest pleasure. And the answer is simple, The Lazarus Pits came into action. The season finale of Arrow's season 3 and the advent of Malcolm Merlyn as the next Ra's-Al-Ghul could explain how her resurrection happened. We'll probably have to wait until Arrow season 4 to have an explanation. Anyway, being dead for over a year will have consequences on Sara as we know what happen to people being resurrected after being dead for so long.


Well, we don't know much yet about the backstory of Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl and how she will learn about her abilities and past life. But as hinted before we'll have our first answers at the end of The Flash's season finale next week, so stay tuned !

The Atom shrink!

So Ray Palmer seems very much alive on this trailer after the big explosion at the end of Arrow's season finale. And as we thought, he finally got his comics abilities and The Atom looks simply awesome !

We'll see how this plays out in the future. Will he be declared dead for a while before figuring out a way to get his normal size ? We'll see but this opens great scenarios to pursue on the show and I expect the CGI to be incredible with him!


And we have Firestorm, well the half of him. Martin Stein doesn't seems to have his abilities in this trailer. He normally needs the other part of Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond to have his abilities. So what does this mean for his role on the team. Will he be a kind of scientist advisor for them? However, we see the Nuclear Man and I'm wondering: what if Jason Rusch come into play ? Because this doesn't seem like Dr. Stein and we know that Robbie Amell is not a part of the show. At least not a regular character.

Captain Cold and Heatwave

The two Rogue are also part of the team! The world is in danger and despite their past they will be needed to save it. I really look forward to see the differents interaction they'll have with the rest of the team as they are the only two villains. Knowing Snart's manipulative behaviour and Rory's explosive temper this is gonna be spicy !

Rip Hunter

I didn't know Arthur Darvill before, but I have to say: he totally got the face and the acting for Rip Hunter ! With the all time travel arc on The Flash, Hunter was a character I was really expecting as he's status of Time Master. He was even rumored to be Harrison Wells real identity. So having him on the show is just wonderful. Plus, he's the one who assembles the team and he's knowledge of the future might be helpful - depends on what he's willing to share with the others - and give us some informations on what to come.

Time Sphere

This is our first look at Rip Hunter's Time Sphere that allowed him and the others Time Master to travel through time and space. Knowing that the team will time-travel on the series, that might help. Also, it's the machine Booster Gold stole to travel back to the 20th century in the comics and we also know that he is secretly Rip Hunter's father. This maybe might hint a Booster Gold show in the future that I would love to see.

Edit: As some of you point out earlier, I missed one moment of the video quite important. Reverse-Flash is in the Time Sphere. What does it mean for The Flash ? If it's a footage of the season finale of The Flash I have two theories. Either, Eobard Thawne stole it from the Time masters . Or, since we know that Thawne he's a genius he simply built it during this fifteen long years stuck in this world. In either case, he needs a power source to make it functional and this is where Barry's speed could come into play.

Heroes in action !

Seeing our favorite characters brought together on screen is a really incredible thing and the trailer got this Avengers-vibe I'm personally looking for. Having The Flash and Green Arrow? guest-starring on the show will give us The Justice Society we were expecting since this adventure started.

We didn't get an overview of the big villain, Vandal Savage because I think he didn't get cast yet so we'll have to wait for a first look at him. Probably at the Comic-Con in July!

This first look got me even more exciting and it will be hard to wait until 2016 but we'll need to bide our time until then. Let me know your opinion below !


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