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According to Latino Review, Marvel and Asa Butterfield´s reps are under negotiations but is just matter of time until they officially announce it.

Previews reports have said that Marvel and Sony where looking for younger actor for the new Spider Man franchise, which will show us the web-slinger growing up. Asa´s name has been mention with other young actors in a "short list" and seems that that list have been reduce to Asa.

Previously Marvel has mention that Peter Parker will debut on the MCU alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and other Avengers next year in Captain America: Civil War, which is currently in production. So this makes me think that Latino Review´s report is real.

Personally I think the British actor is a solid choice to play one of Marvel´s most Iconic Characters, with only 18 years he´s being acting for a long time, since he was 8, and has proven that he can really act.

I mean, we have seen him playing and underdog in Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese and also in the Sci-Fi action movie, Enders Game, I feel bad for this last potential franchise since I don´t think he would be returning to play Ender any time soon.

After his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Asa Butterfield will be playing the friendly neighborhood Spider Man again in a solo movie with Sony and MCU characters debuting on July 28th 2017.

What do you think, is he our new Spider-Man? Do you like this choice? Leave your comments bellow!


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