ByBrad Dee, writer at

Many people have jumped off the Convergence bandwagon in recent weeks due to the quality and confusion of the overall saga. Sure, some of the crossovers have been stellar, but the main storyline was a jumbled mess. Hero verses hero and universes verses universes have been done to death in comics, and this storyline was no different. What made it even more confusing was the lack of an actual storyline. Nobody knew what was going on or what the purpose of any of it even was. For an 8 part saga, we were thrust into the action and expected to care about the outcome. But, a new writer jumped into the fray in the form of Scott Lobdell and the interest changed. Now, we can see the landscape that can be changed due to the outcome of this saga, as the universe of the new 52 can be seen.

When I opened this book, I again expected to find the same mess of dialogue that has plagued this entire set up until this point. Instead, I was gripped with some amazing art and action sequences that show that the landscape has changed. Telos was still seen stirring the pot and we did learn more about his role in everything that is going on. The reaches of this conflict spread to the Earth of the new 52 and beyond, and might even foreshadow the fight that will take place between Darkseid and the Anti-monitor. Plus, this issue showed and displayed the tension that has been present in the DC universe during all the Crisis events that have happened in the past. But, one drawback still exists in the way that the writers are still trying to cram into us how great the Earth 2 heroes are. It is seen in ths very issue between a conversation with Barry Allen and the Earth 2 Jay Garrett(which also had a great homage to a classic Flash cover) and also in a discussion between Superman and Dick Grayson(who I will never fully understand in this set). All in all, the changing of the guard and the ending in itself makes me interested in seeing how the rest of this set plays out, and also how it will impact the upcoming DC universe after this is all over. Convergence may be able to make up for the first half of the event and redeem itself in the end. If you've dropped the series this is a good place to pick it back up. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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