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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Have you ever wondered what your favorite superhero team would look like if the gender roles were reversed? Well thanks to Agnes Domokos, we can now visualize this idea, make sure to go and show some love. The fan made pictures cast actual Hollywood stars in the roles. Check them out!

Kristen Stewart as a Female Loki? Yes please!

Chris Pine definitely pulls of Black Widows look! Captain Widow?

Shailene Woodley definitely would have my vote for Female Hawkeye. Move over Jeremy Renner!

Jennifer Lawerence going from Mystique to a Female Thor? That would be pretty awesome! Too bad Jane Foster is the true Female Thor.

You definitely do not want to make Mila Kunis angry, the results could be devastating. Dr. Banner everyone!

Kate Beckinsale could really pull of a "Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist"

Who needs Falcon when Amber Heard could take over as Cap? Lets make it happen!

Thank you once again to Agnes Domokos for these amazing fan pictures! Don't forget to follow and comment what you think about these gender swap photos down below!


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