ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Look at that sleek and shiny curtain of chestnut hair. A Wookiee is so regal, so noble, illuminating such strength and beauty.

So how can I look like a stunning "person of the trees?"

Thanks to WeLoveFine, this is an absolute possibility. Made of polyester fur and including a zip-up front and appliqué bandolier, this jacket is sure to keep you warm even on the coldest nights on Hoth.

You have to admit, this model is pulling it off and looking fiercer than a Fierce-class bomber. While they are only available for women at the moment, we're hoping they'll make some with male sizes.

How do they make these coats so shiny and lustrous? I wish my actual hair could look as silken as Chewbacca's.

If you're planning your badass outfit for the premiere of The Rogue One, this jacket might just be the perfect staple.

But beware! This hoodie might make you suddenly inherit a quick temper and cause you to tear off limbs when upset. Oops.



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