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This week's top ten consists of the people we all love and love to hate. This top ten salutes the antagonists. I give you my top ten Marvel Comics villains. Guys like Galactus and Magneto won' make this list. Galactus isn't really a villain. He's just hungry and it just so happens that the one thing that will quell his hunger is draining the life from planets. Magneto may be bad guy, but that doesn't mean he's a bad...guy. Everything he does is for the love of the mutant race. Whether or not he's right or wrong is open for debate. Next week will focus on the more ruthless villains. When you don't see certain people on this list, I'm sure they will be here next week.

10. Mystique:

Shape-shifting, gun toting, dangerous vixen
Shape-shifting, gun toting, dangerous vixen

There are people that you just don't trust under any circumstance and Raven Darkholme is the top of that list. Mystique has always been about what makes her happy. While that may sound like almost every villain known, but the difference with Mystique is that isn't always about money and power like everyone else. What makes Mystique happy can range from anything money to whatever makes her laugh or smile. She has ruined marriages because it gave her a good laugh and has betrayed her own race because she was getting paid to and sometimes she just does things just because. It is all about what makes Mystique happy and Mystique is happy when she is making other people's life miserable.

9. Red Skull:

While silly and sick, it was a great idea.
While silly and sick, it was a great idea.

Like Hitler, Red Skull was a skilled enough leader that he could lead a group of people into doing his bidding. But unlike Hitler, Red Skull refused to be defeated even in death. When Skull was killed, he found a way to jump into the brain of someone else and continue his reign of terror. Red Skull continued his plan and even did the one thing that few villains have been able to do. They killed their nemesis. Red Skull put a plan together and killed Steve Rogers. If not for his need to become Steven Rogers Skull may have completed his goal of ruling the world. Even after he died again, Skull had a clone in place just in case he died again (I am tired of clones too, but their effective). Skull might be the best strategist among the villains on this list. Skull almost never needs to get his hands dirty because of his way with manipulation. Getting the brain of Professor Xavier and gaining his telepathy just made him even more dangerous.

8. Loki:

Always working angles.
Always working angles.

The bratty half brother of Thor and by far the most annoying and untrustworthy villain in the Marvel universe, but he is also one of the smartest. Loki knows that despite being a god he isn't built for physically fighting people. He just isn't tough enough. So while Thor, Sif, and the Warriors three spent most of their time practicing their sword strokes preparing to fight frost giants and such, Loki honed his skills in the mystic arts. But his magic isn't even his best attribute. Loki is easily the best at manipulating any situation. The problem with Loki and his manipulation is that he sometimes goes too far and ends up getting caught. The beauty of it is that when he gets caught he almost always has a contingency plan. His best con was when he found a way to escape all the Hell's of his universe after knowing this particular trick could easily lead to his death. It did lead to his death and he did escape Hell.

He became her and made sure she knew.
He became her and made sure she knew.

What Loki has done in the movies is only a small taste of the type of things Loki is capable of. He is smarter, craftier, and way more maniacal than he i has been in any of the Marvel movies. Loki's funniest trick was putting his mind into the body of Thor's love Lady Sif. When Thor thought he was freeing Sif, it was actually Loki. This was just the start of Loki putting Thor off of his game that lead to Loki getting Thor kicked out of Asgard.

7. Norman Osborn:

Now, when I say Norman Osborn I am not about the Green Goblin. I'm not talking about the crazy guy flying around on a glider throwing pumpkin bombs at people and Gwen Stacy of of a bridge. I am talking about the man who hacked his way into Nick Fury's bunker and used that information to kill the Skrull queen. Despite the fact that he is obviously crazy, he somehow finagled his way into becoming the head of the nation's security. THAT is the top ten bad guy.

Norman Osborn wants YOU.
Norman Osborn wants YOU.

Norman Osborn is a genius strategist and a brilliant geneticist and a very capable leader. He even has his heart in the right place when it comes to what needs to be done to save the world. Norman's problem (besides being bat poop crazy) is that he goes about it the wrong way. Sometimes the aggressive approach isn't the way to go about doing things, but that's the way he will still go about it. When Norman Osborn went to jail, the leaders of A.I.M. and Hydra risked being discovered to break him out because they needed his leadership even if it was for a short amount of time. Even as leader of The Avengers, Norman Osborn only cared about himself and his image. He's let people die because he didn't feel like getting involved.

6.Victor von Doom

"I wish the clapping to continue for one more hour and the first man to stop to be taken out and shot. Do you understand?". That is Victor von Doom in a nut shell. While Magento does what he does because he feels he has to protect his race. Doom does what he does out of arrogance. He truly believes that he is the way, the truth, and the light. The problem with Doom is that he believes that no one is right unless they agree with him. So what will Doom do? Doom will kill and torture and manipulate anyone to get what he wants. He has even convinced the Panther God into believing the things he was saying. Doom, like the last six people on this list (except #3), are all about doing what they think is right for the world. But with Doom, there is no room for debate. It's Doom's way or death.

Dr. Doom has more drive than almost anyone in comics. Doom does all he can to constantly reinvent himself and stay ahead of those who would oppose him. Doom started off being a man of science and once he realized that there is more out there, he became a sorcerer so skilled that even Dr. Strange knows not to challenge him without being prepared.

5. Mr. Sinister:

Even before Nathaniel Essex became Mr. Sinister, he was a horrible human being. He would experiment on people alive or dead in search of creating the perfect human. The experiments he conducted aren't easy things such as taking some of your DNA and going from there. Essex would cut open a live body without the use of anesthesia and regardless of how much they would scream. When Essex would eventually meet up with Apocalypse, he would only get worse. Now almost immortal, Mr. Sinister could continue his experiments forever.

Mr. Sinister always gets what he wants even when he loses. Sinister is one of the few villains who doesn't spend his time talking about what he is going to do. He just does it. It's the reason that he never actually gets captured. Even when it looks like Sinister has been killed, Sinister has a new body somewhere being created and all of his consciousness being downloaded into it.

4. Ultimate Magneto:

While the 616 Magneto would go to certain extremes to get his point across, he tended to bluff a bit. Always hoping that he would't have to go too far and destroy human and mutant alike. Ultimate Magneto had no qualms about killing any and everyone in his way. 616 Magneto was more of a Malcolm X and his Ultimate universe counterpart is more of a terrorist. He would blow up a bridge full of people and then promote all over the world that he was responsible and that humanity should surrender to him and accept their fate as lesser beings. He went as far as to reverse the polar caps and kill billions of people around the world in the process. What makes this Magneto so different from the rest of the people under him is that he is ready and willing to take that extra step and kill everyone. Even Doom knows that a world of nothing isn't worth ruling. This Magneto doesn't care on any level. He would be completely satisfied with starting over from scratch.

3. Thanos (Infinity War):

Little known fact, but the Infinity War was about Thanos doing his best to impress a woman. Not just any woman. Thanos was trying to impress Death herself. Thanos knows how much Death loves the death, so he kills over a billion people as a tribute to her. Some mutants, some humans, some Avengers and so on. Obviously this got the attention of the heroes and villains of Earth. When they made their way to the Mad Titan, they had no idea that they would be facing a being with enough power to destroy the universe. Thanos was wielding the Infinity Stones and was taking everybody out. Even Galactus and Odin were no match for Thanos. This was a beating worthy of a top ten list. Cap's shield destroyed, Wolverine's bones turned into rubber, and Cyclops suffocated in an invisible box over his head. While I am trying my best to not add characters over again, guys like Thanos are too good to not add more than once.

2. Kingpin:

Wilson Fisk is evil. Period. He does not give a flying fig what happens to anything or anyone as long as he gets what he wants. The one thing that separates him from the rest of the villains on this list is his reasoning for doing what he does. Most villains usually have some sort of noble reasoning behind what they do. Some do it for their community, country, or even trying to make a better race. No matter how twisted or distorted the reason, there's some sort of reasoning behind it that at least people can say "Oh, I get that". Fisk is all about money, power, and respect. Fisk will let hundreds of people die so he can make a dollar.

Fisk's street smarts and savvy is what puts him ahead of the other people on this list. Fisk is so smart that he has even tricked Tony Stark into taking care of someone who was trying to take over New York while he was in jail. Fisk may have gotten his tail whooped, but Fisk has given it back and constantly gets better whether it's getting control of the Hand as protection, becoming a better fighter, or just getting his hands on some sensitive information to blackmail someone. Fisk can't break cars in half or create a robot from a toaster, but Fisk can certainly get the job done. No matter how disgusting or disturbing his methods may be.

1. Ultron:

Ultron won and it made the entire world in his image. There really isn't much more that needs to be said about that. If not for the use of a time machine, there would be no more 616 universe. Besides that fact, Ultron was easily the Avengers greatest villain because they knew he was smarter than them and he would never fight them without a plan. Unlike Dr. Doom and Kingpin, and some of the others on this list, Ultron never felt the need to brag about how much smarter he was than everyone else. Yes he would say it, but he never needed to brag about it because knowing he was smarter and better was enough for him. He tells them in hopes that they will just give up. But Ultron is THE guy to beat. And when you actually cause an apocalypse and destroy heroes and villains alike in less than a month, you are the best.

What was once New York is now Ulrton's new world
What was once New York is now Ulrton's new world

Honorable mentions:

Dr. Octopus:

Despite being a joke for years, Dr. Otto Octavius not only defeated his arch nemesis, but he became him. Doc Ock found a way to switch his mind with Peter Parker's mind and became him. Octavius let Peter Parker die in his old withered body while he took Parker's young body and vowed to become better than Parker. He vowed to become "The Superior Spider-Man". In some ways, Ock was better, but at the end of the day, he just didn't have what it took to be a hero. His arrogance and brutality betrayed him and Ock eventually had to admit that Parker was better than him. Because Ock didn't see his goal to the end and having been a joke so long has kept him off of my top ten.

The Hood:

The Hood found a way to become the kingpin of the super villain community. He was smart enough to appeal to what really made them function. Money and revenge. The first thing he did was get them together and give them money and promised them that there was more where that came from. He was so good that even Norman Osborn put him at a table with the likes of Dr. Doom and Namor. Hood loses respect to easy and this is the reason he didn't make the list.

As always, if you feel this list is crap, I missed something, or you want to chat about it, leave me a comment.


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