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We’ve spent an entire season waiting for the Flash and Professor Zoom to finally face off, and I’m sure most people, including myself found it rather disappointing. At first. The promo for the episode focused entirely on the fight, misleading its viewers into believing that it would be centered around it. We soon learned that the episode itself hardly had anything to do with the much awaited showdown at all, and considering that it was titled Rogue Air, it probably should have been obvious that the real focus would be on Cold.

So let’s actually break down some of the key Reverse-Flash components of the episode, which I’m sure will make the “final” showdown feel a lot more satisfactory.

The episode starts off with Wells/Eobard/Wellsobard talking about how he would do anything to get back a life that had been stolen from him. He then reassures Eddie that he will get his life back. This opening sequence was easy to forget once the episode turned Cold, but needs to be brought back into the light. No story ever started off with a brilliant monologue only to become completely irrelevant by the end.

This then brings us to Cisco tampering with the wheelchair and finding a strange device imbedded beneath its seat. He then calls the group together and explains to them that he believes it was powering Wellsobard, causing him to be much faster than Barry. First of all, Cisco, he’s faster and more powerful because he’s more experienced. But leaving that aside, no one took a moment to think about why he would just leave it there.

Jumping back a couple episodes when the group finally confronted him on being the Reverse-Flash, Barry raced into the secret room only to find the yellow suit missing, videos of all of the places the group frequented, and the wheelchair sitting in the room. But wait a minute, Bates had the chair last. So what was the purpose in moving it into the hidden room? Of course Cisco put a tracker on the chair and when he moved it into the room it showed exactly where he was so that Barry would see that he’d been watching them all this time, and further raising his ego.

Still, it doesn’t make sense to leave something so incredibly important just lying around for someone to discover, especially when we find out he’s been inside S.T.A.R Labs the entire time. Unless of course he wanted it to be discovered. IF Cisco is right, and the device works like a battery, then theoretically Barry could use it as well. It would then give Barry the speed he’d need to say, go back in time and save his mother, change history, and stop Eobard Thawne from assuming the life of Harrison Wells. Stop him from ever getting trapped in the past.

This is all just my own theory, and the next episode, or season can feel free to prove me wrong, but when put together, it makes the most sense. And believing that Wellsobard had plans to get caught all along stops the heroes v. villain showdown from being extraordinarily anticlimactic and turns it into something even more brilliant.

Let’s also give a shout out to the little drop about a “missing pilot” while the team was in Coast City. It had me giggling like a schoolgirl. Leave it to this team of writers to slip in something incredibly relevant to the DC Universe whenever they get the chance.


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