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Batman Beyond in my opinion is one of the best animated TV shows that DC Comics has produced, and it is well deserved to have a live action movie. Batman Beyond wouldn't be able to fit into the DCCU that will be sparked by Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I have high hopes that it will be made in the future. So here it is, my fan-cast for a Batman Beyond movie. (Also my first post!)

Bruce Wayne

I have a couple of choices for the washed up Caped Crusader, but at the top of my list is...

Harrison Ford

Han shot first!
Han shot first!

Come on, this man is a classic badass, and an obvious choice for an older Bruce Wayne. Still as handsome and intimidating as ever, Harrison Ford could most defiantly be believed as a retired Batman. Second on the list would have to be...

Clint Eastwood

Have you seen Gran Torino? I don't think anyone could tell someone to get off of their lawn like this man can, and he is certainly cut out to be a hero. An old, retired sad hero. In the movie Eastwood also gives guidance to a young asian boy who is being led on the wrong path by a gang, saving his life in the process. This is a perfect quality since the main role of Bruce Wayne would be to guide his young apprentice Terry McGinnis. Speaking of which...

Terry Mcginnis

Now this is a hard character to cast. Terry is the main character of the series, and there are a lot of actors that could accurately portray him, but I'll try to keep it short.

Dylan O'Brien

Pretty close resemblance? Maybe? Dylan O'Brien is a wonderful serious actor, as shown by The Maze Runner, but can have his moments of comedy, shown by The Internship. Terry wasn't that much of a joker in the series (no pun intended), but every high school kid has a sense of humor. Maybe not after your father gets killed by the "Jokerz" gang, but I still have a point.

Tyler Posey

No, I don't watch Teen Wolf. I do like Tyler Posey as an actor, and quite frankly a person though. I'm almost positive that he can pull off the brooding Terry right after his father's death, and the average high school kid that he is the rest of the time.

Max Gibson

Max was pretty much Terry's Alfred. Except hotter (No offense to Micheal Cain). She wasn't the most interesting character in the series, but she was smart enough to figure out that Terry was the new Batman, and one of the only ones to find out that he was.

Candice Patton

You think she would be down with dying her hair purple? Candice Patton plays Iris West on The Flash, and has proved she can be a strong supporting character for a superhero. She's 26 years old, and plays a grown woman in The Flash, but she could still pass as a teenager.

Warren Mcginnis

This one probably doesn't matter much since the series is sparked by this character dying, but Terry wouldn't be Batman if it wasn't for his father, and there's only one person for this job.

Bryan Cranston

He's Walter White! He can do anything he wants! It just so happens he looks exactly like Terry's father too, so that helps.

Dana Tan

Dana is Terry's girlfriend in the series, and really only gets in the way. For real, she just makes it harder for Terry to be Batman. She's like his Mary Jayne Watson, except she doesn't get angry and start dating James Franco because her boyfriend misses some dates.

Chantelle Chung

I'm sorry Chantelle Chung, but you are a pretty good match for this character. And you were in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, one of my favorite movies ever.

Barbara Gordon

The new commissioner Gordon, and former Batgirl, plays about the same part as her father did. She got less screen time than I would like, but she's a good character.

Melissa McBride

She's proved time and time again that she's a total zombie and people killing badass on The Walking Dead. Melissa McBride would have no problem playing a police commissioner, and could put less of an old bag feel on the character.

Derek Powers

Derek Powers is the main villain, the man who had Terry's father killed. He later turns into the radioactive monster called Blight.....

And is Terry's arch-nemesis.

Hugo Weaving

Granted he doesn't look much like the character, Hugo Weaving can and has played everyone. Elrond, V, Red Skull, the creepy agent dude that's obsessed with Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Weaving is my ideal candidate for this role.

Paxton Powers

Paxton Powers is the son of Derek Powers, and the new CEO of his father's company when he is outed as a psychopathic, villainous radioactive monster. Paxton is just as ruthless and power hungry as his father, but just doesn't glow in the dark.

Matt Bomer

This guy doesn't look very evil, but he could pull off being a businessman. In the show White Collar, Bomer plays a rouge criminal who is working with the FBI or something like that (I've seen the show like twice), but he is a criminal, and he is always very fashionable. Except for the stupid hats he wears. Hats do not look good on Matt Bomer.

Possible supporting characters


As you may have guessed, Ten is apart of the Royal Flush Gang, and a love interest for Terry, kind of being his Catwoman.

Emily Kinney

It's unbelievable that Emily Kinney is almost 30 right? She looks like an 18 year old girl, and if Tobey Maguire can play Spider-Man at 30, she can play Ten.

Howard Groote

One of Terry's friends that gets bullied a lot, and was in like two episodes.

Clark Duke

He was really the only actor I could think of. And I love Hot Tub Time Machine. And Kick-Ass. And The Office. He does a lot of stuff.

Justice League

I'm not sure how the new Justice League would fit into the movie, but they could set up for a sequel involving them. Maybe take a page out of Marvel's book and have a post-credits scene where they confront Terry and Bruce?


Of course Superman is still in the Justice League, he's Superman.

Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon is the perfect older Superman, he even voiced him once.


Obviously the daughter of Aquaman, and just as uninteresting. (Hoping for a badass portrayal from Jason Mamoa though)

Emma Stone

A pretty big star for a kind of minor role, but that could lead to a bigger part for this character.

Big Barda

I'm almost positive this Big Barda is the daughter of Miracle Man and the first Big Barda, but I'm hazy on the details.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has black hair for The Hunger Games, so she is no stranger to dying her hair. And I know some of you are thinking why is she playing Big Barda? Lawrence is actually a quite muscular woman, but the roles she takes such as Mystique in X-Men make her have to be the skinny, size 2 type woman people are used to.

Green Lantern

That's right, the new Green Lantern is a small Asian boy. As you can imagine, it's hard to cast any kind of child, so what if he wasn't one? Like anyone would care right? Comic book movies have been diverging from their source in as many subtle ways as possible to try not to piss off the fans, so it would make sense to make him a grown man.

Steven Yeun

Can you tell that I love The Walking Dead yet? Steven Yeun is a breakout star, and this could be a perfect role for him.


I also don't know the exact details of this character, and seeing how he was in one episode that is rightfully so. From what I can gather, I think that he took Ray Palmer's Atom suit and modified it to his liking, mainly changing the look.

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady actually did the voice of this character in the series, and in my opinion has the potential to do a spot on portrayal. Which won't be too hard, seeing as how his character got one episode.


The son of Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Hawkgirl, Warhawk is the strong and silent type character, always looking for a fight. And he's surprisingly very white, even though his father was black. I guess those freaky hawk genes had something to do with that.

Jensen Ackles

If you've ever seen Supernatural (which I'm sure everyone has by now), then you know that Ackles plays one tough demon hunter (among other things). He's used to playing this type of character, and is perfectly cut out for a superhero.

I hope you enjoyed my first post!


Do you want to see a Batman Beyond movie made?


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