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I haven't posted anything in a little while...

Like, I know. I was trying to throw together a bunch of articles at the same time so I can post them later.

It sounds like a crock of shit, I know, but it's true! I have a Disney Princess fan cast coming out with their Princes!!

The first article I'll post within this Disney themed inspiration I'm going with, will be the Princesses with their Princes, then I'll be following that very shortly with a Bonus Disney Fan Casting! Within that fan cast, I've picked my choice for Alice,

All six of Ariel's sisters,

and quite a few others!!

I have plans to follow those with a Disney Hercules Fan Cast - my favorite movie ever!

I've got the whole Muse group casted!

Now, I put that in my Bonus casting but I will repeat them in my Herc fan cast!!

After all that, I've got ideas for a Toy Story fan cast, maybe I'll even take suggestions from you guys..

So, keep on the lookout for my two articles! I plan to have both of them posted by Sunday!! Until then, enjoy all the cute Disney gifs I found!!

Peace out cutiepies! :3


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