ByGeorgian Stanescu, writer at
Ive' seen EVERY Marvel Comic film. Love em to bits. Seen the MULTIPLE times.
Georgian Stanescu

It's been described as a Vehicular action film. No question. As Dominic Torreto(Diesel) says: "I don't have friends, I gots family". How true is that. They stick together as if they were family. They look out for one another. Plot being fairly simple. From the past Fast & Furious series sequels, the film starts off with Deckard Shaw(Statham) being dangerous as ever. He is comforting his brother who has been put in hospital. Now I haven't seen ANY of the Fast & Furious. However fans of this series would know and be able to connect the dots. ahhaah.Overall great film. One word is very simple REVENGE. That's all there is to it. ahahah. Twas very touching at the end of the film, the tribute to late Paul Walker who played Brian in the series. He died in a car accident.


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