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I have some very brief news regarding the next Halloween movie. And yours truly got that news himself. Thank me later..

First I should go back for those who don't know and tell you that a few months ago, saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan were chosen to write the next Halloween flick. But after a few months of being frustrated from not hearing anything about this new installment, I decided to put my rarely used Twitter account to some good and asked one of the writers himself (Marcus Dunstan) about the next movie. And what he had to say was very short, but very effective.

Saying the next movie ''is sincerely left a surprise'' gives me the feeling that they know what we want to see, or they have an idea of what we'd like to see for the franchise. And they just want to surprise us with its awesomeness. Either way I get a strong feeling we will actually be happy with what they do to the next movie. Not much is even known about it except that it won't have any connection to any of the previous Halloween movies, and that it will be a 'recalibration' (fancy word for reboot).

The producer of the franchise has also said that more projects involving the Halloween movies would be announced eventually. Which leads me to think the franchise could be branching out into other area's like gaming and probably even television. Similar to what Friday The 13th is currently doing.

More news regarding this mysterious installment is bound to be announced very soon. So beware Horror movie fans, he'll be back soon!

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers


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