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For movie #138 of 365 in 365 days Doug Loves Movies challenge, I watched Tom Hardy in "Locke." It was a topic of conversation on the last Spoilers with Matt podcast.

The film is set entirely in a BMW, driving the speed limit from start to finish. No chase scene, no traffic jams, no fun. Just a couple dozen phone calls to his coworkers, wife, kids and his girl on the side, who is in premature labor. The "story's" protagonist has to cut out on work, and drive to London and see his Marriage crushing child come into the world. (I think that makes him the Antagonist as well)

It is always impressive for a performer to carry an entire flick. However, Hardy's choice for the character to be extremely calm during the worst day of his life, made for a boring watch. Call me high strung, but I think getting fired, and your wife telling you to never come home again, may be good cause to get upset.

Unless you have a hankering for a feature length commercial about the BMW's Bluetooth system, I say "Skip it." However, I am still looking forward to Mad Max: Fury Road nonetheless.

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