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I have been reading comics since before I could read. When I learned how to read, they became significantly better.
Shannon McShortall

First things first, if you haven’t seen this trailer, you really should. As a massive comics fan, it absolutely made my morning:

Of course, spoiler warning for those who don’t know the comics and want to figure out what all the stuff in the trailer means when they watch the show. But let’s begin. We’ll structure this by breaking down the trailer.

Strange origins

The trailer begins with how Oliver slowly developed over 3 seasons of ‘Arrow’ and where he is now. This show is perfectly timed to coincide with Oliver’s ‘happiness’ that he developed at the end of Season 3, thus ushering in the age of the GREEN Arrow (how Oliver is in the comics). We then see just how strange his world has become, showing how Flash came to be, before leading to some narration by Barry. We then see them on a rooftop forming a team to combat a new threat.

Which one is the bold and which one is the brave?
Which one is the bold and which one is the brave?

Who are the Legends of Tomorrow?

Victor Garber’s character, Professor Stein, introduces the Legends of Tomorrow. This sequence was so amazingly done and it really shows the audience the key differences between the characters. None are the same. We begin with Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl is played by Ciara Renee and her character, (much like her male counterpart Hawkman) has wings and a mace. She is also the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian princess, although Stein plays this off as her having a “past lives complex”.

...because the winged pictures of her were blurry..
...because the winged pictures of her were blurry..

He then introduced Sara Lance as White Canary. Sara Lance (played by Caity Lotz) is a familiar face to those who watched Arrow Seasons 2 and 3. White Canary is fairly unknown in the comics, being a mystery enemy of the Birds of Prey (a team which coincidentally consist of characters like Huntress and Laurel’s Black Canary). The trailer shows that she comes back to life because of the Lazarus Pit, which is a mild spoiler I guess, but not as bad as one coming up. I have a very strong feeling that the Pit will affect her sanity somehow.

Next up was Heatwave and Captain Cold, who really need no introduction given the role that they have played in past Flash episodes. Also someone who doesn’t need an introduction is Ray Palmer AKA the Atom. He is VERY familiar to those who have watched Arrow’s Season 3 and here he seems to be playing the role of the comedic relief as “a billionaire with more tech than he clearly knows what to do with”, to which Ray replies in his usual awkward and humourous Felcity-esque way.

I personally love Stein’s description of himself as “half a hero” and he is also a very familiar face to those who have watched ‘The Flash’ as one half of the hero Firestorm. I assumed that Firestorm would be separated from Stein and be with someone else, while Stein played more of a mentor and the resident science genius in the team. Turns out from the trailer that there will be scenes as Firestorm and he is being introduced as Firestorm. So there’s a very good chance that there will be two Firestorms. One in the Flash, played by Robbie Amell and someone else, and one in Legends of Tomorrow, played by Victor Garber and someone else. Maybe even Franz Drameh’s character? But that’s basically the introduction to the character who you will be vouching for come early next year.

What they’re up against

A lot of the scenes appear to take place in this particular facility against a group of armed goons. Flash is in this facility with the team in one of the scenes, suggesting that he will play a part in what is most definitely the first episode battle. Now, I’m going to make a separate title for who the Big Bad is, because I love this guy and when Oliver said his name, the biggest grin formed on my face. This villain is a step-up from the incredibly strong Ras Al Ghul, shown below.

Step aside Ras...or Raje...whatever...
Step aside Ras...or Raje...whatever...

Prepare yourselves for....

Vandal Savage

Now, most of us die-hard comicbook fans predicted Vandal Savage (the villain couldn't be too heavily affiliated with Superman such as Darkseid and had to be a step-up from Reverse Flash, Deathstroke or Ras Al Ghul. Savage was really the only viable Justice League villain that was perfect for the show) , given the nature of who he is and his impact on the DC universe, but it was still a shocker when Oliver said his name. Vandal Savage is effectively an immortal caveman. I know that sounds lame, but he really isn’t. He has evolved alongside humanity and he has amassed a great amount of knowledge, hiding himself behind a facade of finesse and superiority. But when he gets mad, his caveman instincts come to the fore and he is a raging immortal monster. He is an immortal, raging, incredibly intelligent super-strong criminal master mind with a mastery of many combat skills, armed with “the most powerful army the world has ever seen”. That is why only a team of “legends” can stop him. Legitimately the only downside for me in having Savage in the show is that now I won’t be able to play him. He is one of my favourites and by the end of ‘Legends’ I’m sure he’ll be one of yours too. He was also in the animated film 'Justice League:Doom' if you want to check that one out.

Rip Hunter

Rip Hunter (as played by the marvelous Arthur Darvill) suddenly appears, telling the team that they WILL stop him. Rip Hunter is a time-travelling member of the Time Masters and he will join the team, being the one to take them across time, while knowing a lot more about them than he says, much like Wells in The Flash. Of course the actor, Arthur Darvill is familiar with time-travel from his time on Doctor Who, a run I definitely recommend to get a gist of his capabilities. Now we’ve done the introductions, let’s get back to the trailer.

We’re back

At this point in the trailer, Hunter has just introduced the Time Masters and the behind of what appears to be Eobard Thawne in Reverse Flash costume. Of course, this could be someone entirely, maybe even Hunter’s father Booster Gold (the more famous DC time-traveller who has appeared on Smallville). The action looks heavy, as we see Savage’s army attack Firestorm and Atom. Can I just say that as a comics fan, I’ve waited a long time to see something like this. The structure of the show appears to be a ‘time-of-the-week’ set-up, taking place in different eras. This should be excellent, seeing Savage across the years. Oliver as Green Arrow hasn’t appeared in the facility scenes, which might be because he’s away with Felicity, although Flash is still present. It’s not like there will be too much worry about the show not having enough ties to it’s origins in Flash and Arrow.

Spoiler Alert

So....we know Atom didn’t die, but theories were flying yesterday when it happened as to how he survived. Now we know and it feels like it came too fast, but when they said it, it made my eyes light up. Yes, Atom is shrinking. Atom is becoming the Atom we know and love. I love how Stein and Canary don’t believe that Atom can shrink, and then we get our first look at his shrinking abilities, thus finally separating him from Iron Man and giving the fans what they impatiently wanted. Personally, I’m going to love mocking everyone who said that he wouldn’t shrink. This strangeness that we’ve achieved here is exactly what is expected from a DC show.

...well.....he's no ANT-MAN......
...well.....he's no ANT-MAN......


That trailer was amazing. The acting looks great from the new characters (Hunter and Hawkgirl) and we already know that the acting will be phenomenal from the others (Captain Cold, Atom, White Canary (when she was Black Canary), Professor Stein and even Heatwave, if you, like me, find his acting quite fun). The story looks amazing and the plot sounds like it’s going to be VERY DIFFERENT from the Flash and Arrow, which is a welcome change to something that is still working, thus giving us TWO types of DC stories that are working on television). Still not sure who Franz Drameh is playing, but I’m hoping that he has a surprise Green Lantern reveal (given the alluding to Green Lantern that both Flash and Arrow have been doing) at some point. Why even put off such an announcement if it wasn’t someone big. Honestly, I’d be fine with Static Shock, Black Lightning, Cyborg or even Wally West or the second half of Stein’s Firestorm (Jason Rusch anyone?). Either way, this show is going to be awesome. It looks like it’s got a great amount of humour and action and therefore, it belongs in the CW universe. I’m more excited for this than any of the DC films to be honest. The DC CW universe is heading into a new direction, and there is absolutely no problem with that at all. This threat is the biggest they've ever done and this seems very much like a Justice League-esque show, but yet somehow it doesn't feel like it's jumping the shark and it feels like the most natural move for CW to make.


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