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"Glass Chin" is a modern noir thriller about a former boxer named Bud Gordon (Corey Stoll) that is desperate to replicate his lifestyle during his glory days. In doing so, he crosses paths with J.J. Cook (Billy Crudup), a man with secrets of his own. The cast of "Glass Chin" is incredibly strong, and after learning these facts, you can say they're interesting as well! Did you know...

...Corey Stoll graduated from Oberlin College?

Stoll ('08) joins a long list of notable alumni that include Lena Dunham, Ben Calhoun and Ed Helms.

...Billy Crudup was a boy scout?

It's hard to think that the man who plays the nefarious J.J. Cook had anything to do with "scouts honor."

...Malcolm Xavier is a international television star?

"Kid Sunshine" himself has had a starring role in "The Avatars," a hit TV show that has appeared on the European-centric Disney Channel. Check this out:

...Kelly Lynch was a stewardess?

"Mae Graham" once helped make the friendly skies even friendlier as a flight attendant. This was BEFORE she started her modeling career!

Glass Chin is out in theaters June 26th!


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