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The final episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad aired about a year and a half ago (September 29th, 2013 to be exact), and even though a considerable amount of time has passed, my heart is still heavy. Vince Gilligan’s groundbreaking series about a chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin ranks as one of the best shows to ever grace the television. Although the spin-off series Better Call Saul is enough to keep us from going into a full-blown withdrawal, it’s by no means Breaking Bad. I’ve found myself missing the show quite a bit lately and today, I’m going to take a trip down memory lane by revisiting the 5 best episodes from the series.


Honorable Mention: Face Off – Episode 4.13 (Air Date: October 9th, 2011)

Up until this episode, Gus was able to avoid death’s clutches by remaining one step ahead of Walt, Jesse and anyone else who had attempted to kill him. In the final moment’s of Face Off, however, Gus finally meets his demise – and it’s brutal! After an explosion in Hector’s room, Gus walks out adjusting his tie, appearing to be unharmed. Moments later, however, we get a glimpse of the other side of his face – at least what’s left of it – and it’s at that point that we realize he’s finally been outwitted.

5. Peekaboo – Episode 2.6 (Air Date: April 12th, 2009)

I love this episode of Breaking Bad merely because we finally see a side of Jesse that we’ve never seen before. Up until this episode, Jesse seemed self-centered and hateful with an everyone-is-to-blame-but-me attitude. In Peekaboo, however, he shows us that he’s actually a compassionate human being deep down. The intense scuffle with the meth couple that ripped off Skinny Pete is simply the icing on the cake.

4. Box Cutter – Episode 4.1 (Air Date: July 17th, 2011)

I can’t be the only one who thought either Jesse or Walt would end up six feet under in this episode. It seems as though Gus has had enough of the pair’s stupidity. After their latest stunt – killing Walt’s former partner Gale – Gus holds them captive. The entire episode is a slow, yet intense build-up to one of the most unforgettable scenes in the series. Yes, it involves a box cutter.

3. Grilled – Episode 2.2 (Air Date: March 15th, 2009)

Tucco is hands down one of the most frightening characters in the history of television. He’s definitely not someone you’d want to be involved with in any way, shape or form. In Grilled, we see just how menacing he really is. It’s one of Breaking Bad‘s most intense episodes. Needless to say, my heart rate was elevated the entire run time.

2. One Minute – Episode 3.7 (Air Date: May 2nd, 2010)

Aaron Paul gave the best performance of the series in this episode, which is more than enough to justify its #2 spot on my list. The episode’s final moments, however, is where the real magic happens. Hank has his first brush with death when he goes toe-to-toe with the Cartel cousins in a parking lot. Vince Gilligan proved here that Breaking Bad could be just as much action-packed as it was dramatic and thrilling.

1. Ozymandias – Episode 5.14 (Air Date: September 15th, 2013)

Perhaps the most heart-stopping episode in the entire series, Ozymandias is absolutely brilliant. Despite his best efforts, Walt’s family dissolves. Flynn finally knows the truth about his father, and that knowledge leads to a violent stand-off between the two. The episode’s most memorable moment, however, comes when Hank meets a tragic, yet inevitable demise at that hands Uncle Jack and his Neo-Nazi clan. Needless to say, I was balling like a 5-year-old boy who didn’t get his juice box.

Do you agree with this list? If not, what are some of your favorite episodes from Breaking Bad?


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