ByDre M Hova, writer at

Allow me to give my soleiquie on this movie. I think the cast is decent as far as hero's but what vilians are we dealing with besides apocalypse. Every aspect of any marvel movie has to be perfect. To me xmen drop the ball attempting to be to brand new instead of sticking to the classic. Portraying the things we grew up with. (Examples) they made rouge a child and stripped half her powers. No super strength no flight ability. Ice man they made a child and strip his natural 2nd form until movie 3. Not to mention the fact that hes an original xmen. Yes die hard fans caught that. Rouge also got with gambit so the romance between those 2 made no sense and was completely irrelevant to the actual story. The biggest crime with xmen is the fact that in 6 movies that featured wolverine, not one movie shows him with his mask. To me besides his claws, the biggest thing that makes him stand out and u dont put it on him in battle in 6 movies. And please dont get me started on the story lines. I would like to See these things be changed. Enough coporating with ultimate for once make an xmen that feel like im back at home watching saturday morning xmen. Finally gambit in xmen and not in an origin he had notihing to do with. Wheres morph wheres a reall juggernaut, a rwal pyro, avalanche, master mold, white queen, a real deathstrike, mr sinster and the nasty boys, shadow king, mojo, callisto and the morlocks, sauron, omega red. Where are the villians.


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