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They said CGI was better. The said practical effects sucked! They said of all the Task Force X members of the much anticipated movie Suicide Squad that Killer Croc was by far the worse. I say they were wrong!!! Behold!!! Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in full glory as Killer Croc. And if I must say so myself Adewale is Killing it as Croc.

Killer Croc on Set of Suicide Squad

Killer Kroc on set of Suicide Squad
Killer Kroc on set of Suicide Squad

Great realistic and practical look. I personally think it is an awesome take on Killer Croc. I would love to get a back story on how he became a member of the Suicide Squad in the movie. Did Amanda Waller recruit him from prison or did he volunteer his services? I think Killer Croc is a very interesting character selection for this movie and team especially when he has never been a member of Task Force X in any Suicide Squad comic book run. Although he has spent time in Arkham Asylum with some of Batman's top rouge villains.

Killer Croc doing time with the Joker and Two Face

But that is the beauty of the Suicide Squad as any villain or misfit can become a member at any time in the comic book and this movie is an extension of the comic especially if they stay true to the comic and source material. I'm loving the set photos we have seen so far and this pic of Killer Croc is just adding to my anticipation for Suicide Squad.

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