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After watching the 'First Look' for Supergirl that was released this week, I had no issue deciding that I'm looking forward to the pilot episode, but I also knew exactly the kind of backlash it would receive online that'd likely generate a large negative predisposition towards the show.

With that in mind, I decided to cut together an alternate trailer, partly because I wanted to showcase the 'First Look' footage in a more riveting presentation, but mostly because I'm a nerd and I enjoy doing little passion projects like this for fun. Check it out below!

By now I'm sure many of you have read about the similarities made between the CBS upfront for Supergirl to the Black Widow parody skit done up by the SNL folk. It's a comparison that has been brought up by so many, even here on Moviepilot. I get it, and even think it's spot on in some ways.

It's clear that the upfront was targeting a specific demographic—I'd say the female 18-35 range—and that's cool. Some things didn't click for me and some did. Overall, the show still looks appealing to me in a lot of ways; Melissa Benoist comes off super charismatic and seems to be totally "in" the role, and the visual effects/action set pieces looked pretty damn solid.

So hype
So hype

That said, I believe all the awesome heroics in the show will be properly epic, which I suppose is the main reason why I wanted to cut a trailer: to show off how good all that stuff really was that'd likely be drowned out by all the criticism. Supergirl is still six months out from premiering, so who knows, maybe some parts of what we saw will change.

For me? Either way, come November, I'll be one stoked individual getting yet another likely to be amazing show from DC on TV. If you haven't seen the 'First Look' from CBS, you can watch it here:


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