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That says it all, so I'm just...gonna...go. No. 'I can do this, I can do this, I...can't do this.'

Honestly though, I loved this movie. It was great. It dealt with a problem that's plaguing a lot of teens now. Cyber-bullying. Plus, dealing with self-esteem issues is never going to go away unfortunately. It just isn't.

DUFF stands for 'designated ugly fat friend'. In the movie, Robbie Amell's character Wesley explains that the DUFF is there to make their hot friends stand out more and be more approachable too. He also explains that the DUFF doesn't have to be ugly or fat just because it's in the title.

That doesn't really stop Bianca, the main character played by Mae Whitman, from going on a quest to unDUFF herself. She enlists the help of Wesley, her childhood friend, to do so. Along the journey, various hijinks ensue and she gradually realizes that she's in love with Wes, and he realizes he loves her. So they get together, and tell off the mean girl, played by Bella Thorne. Happily Ever After.

I loved the movie. It gave me warm and fuzzies. It made me laugh. That isn't my problem with it. It's that nobody seems to be addressing the HUMONGOUS PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

The movie is nothing like the source material. Yes, folks, this movie has source material. It's a brilliant book called The DUFF by Kody Keplinger. Despite it having been a pretty popular book, I haven't seen anyone compare the movie to the book. So here goes me listing key points.

On the left, we'll have the way a point was in the book. On the right, we'll have the way the same thing was portrayed in the movie. If it was even there. Wait a moment and read. This will get interesting. There will obviously have been small points, but I'm pointing out the small ones. If they're the same, I won't list them. Now let's get started!

1) School playboy and jock - childhood friend/next door neighbour school playboy and jock

Okay, that one was pretty close.

2) Toby, her crush, is a really sweet guy who cares about her but is just trying to get over his ex - Toby, her crush, is a jerk who wants to get with her friends.

Big difference. Toby is super sweet in the books. Bianca has a whole internal battle trying to figure out why she likes Wesley when she could be with Toby, and then she finally decides and Toby goes 'yeah actually I was using you to get over my ex so the fact you were doing the same thing doesn't bother me'. He was cool, and they trampled his character a bit. But that doesn't even really bother me with this next point coming up.

3) Bianca's mum, the author, travels around a lot so she stays with her dad - Bianca's mum, the author, travels but still has custody of Bianca. Her dad is nowhere to be seen and has custody of the dog, Pepper. Very little mention of him.

Seriously. This is huge. You don't know how upset this point makes me. And I'm going to just end it there. That second point is the difference between the hard hitting book and the chick flick DUFF movie I watched. And I'll tell you why.

In the movie, Bianca's mum is trying to find a date. Wesley's parents fight and make a lot of noise. That's when Bianca takes him to the thinking rock.

In the book, Wesley's parents weren't even THERE. No seriously, he was an embarrassment to his family so he didn't live with them! And Bianca lived with her dad. Who she didn't introduce to anyone because he was the dirty secret she lived with.


He got drunk and gets extremely violent. Verbally. But he does smash a glass coffee table at one time. In fact, Bianca starts hanging out with Wesley, and having sex with him to forget about the things going wrong in her life. Not rated PG, as you can tell. The book culminates when her dad gets super drunk after finding out his ex-wife is moving on without him. He's ready to take it out on Bianca in some way or another and Wesley shows up and steps in. Takes Bianca out of that situation.

That could've made a huge difference in the world had they dealt with that. Instead, movie producers sugar-coat things for teens. Those teens need to be taught how to properly deal with these things, and they deal with things according to what they see.

They missed a golden opportunity and I was very disappointed in them.

That being said, it's a fantastic movie and I'm still giving it the 6.5 stars it deserves. The only reason it didn't make seven is I like decimal points.

Just make sure you check out the fantastic book as well. Remember: The DUFF by Jody Keplinger.

Oh, and The DUFF comes out on DVD on June 9, 2015. CHECK IT OUT!


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