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When Moviepilot announced their Theme Week Contest, challenging the creators to pick who we think will be the next A-list celebrity, there were a lot of things to consider. How many movies, TV shows or Broadway productions he/she has been? Is he/she multi-talented? Has he/she diversified his/her choice in roles? Has he/she been nominated for anything? Does he/she have that wow factor, that spark of potential that is just begging to come out in that one defining role?

With all these things in mind, there was honestly only one name came to mind:

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë has shown her talents from an early age, landing her first role on the television show The Guardian back in 2004 when she was only 7 years old. Since then, she has had roles in other rather well known TV shows such as My Name is Earl, Desperate Housewives, and 30 Rock among other titles. On top of that, she is also a model and recently had her off-Broadway debut in 2014 in The Library. Chloë has an even more impressive list of film credits: Dark Shadows, 500 Days of Summer, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, just to name a few of her minor/supporting roles. But, she has shown her ability to become a superstar by being the lead female role in a number of movies: Luli McMullen in Hick, the titular character in the 2013 adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie, Mia Hill in If I Stay, and her breakout role of Mindy McCready/Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass.

Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass
Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass

The first few roles I personally remember her in were Kick-ass and 500 Days of Summer. Although you see her in two different capacities (main role vs supporting character) she still stood out as an actress to keep an eye on. In many cases such as these, she has portrayed a head-strong character that demands respect. From being a lost child searching for answers in Hick, to a typical yet atypical teen in Dark Shadows, to being a misunderstood awkward teen in Carrie, to sex-traffic victim in The Equalizer; over the years Chloë has shown vast diversity in the projects she has chosen and the roles she plays. Chloë's roles have also given her wide praise over the years, even being considered the busiest actress in 2010 by She's been nominated for and won an impressive number of awards such as Young Artist Awards, MTV Movie Awards, People's Choice, and Saturn Awards. Not only that, but she demonstrates a variety of skills aside from acting such as playing the cello in If I Stay and (my personal favorite) stunt/fight training, particularly her dexterity with a butterfly knife:

You might be wondering why am I still considering her a rising star and not just an A-lister already? Well, simply put: she's still only 18 years old! She has done a tremendous job at choosing stand out/diverse characters but is still limited to playing child/teen roles. 10 years down the line, it would be great to see her breakout in a role that is not loved for being a cute-little-bad-ass but rather a respected woman. We've seen that transition with other actors such as Shia Labeouf being more than a face from Disney, Josh Hutcherson breaking away from the family movies, and even Drew Barrymore going from a child in E.T. to playing adult roles now. I personally believe that Chloë Grace Moretz has what it takes to be a star movie lovers will be seeing for decades to come.

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