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There have been a whole lot of celebrity feuds over the years, but the one now rapidly developing between Ryan Reynolds and Mario Lopez may well be both the bloodiest and the most high-five-filled ever. It's also, thankfully, seemingly entirely a joke - one in which there's relatively little chance of anyone actually getting murdered. Deadpool - around whom the entire gag revolves - would be both proud and mildly disappointed.

That being said, though - there's still more than enough life-threatening going on to fill a straight-to-DVD disaster movie about poisonous, air-breathing piranha-hawks, as the pair's most recent video appearance together proves.

Lopez, y'see, interviewed Reynolds for ExtraTV, and the results were...a little unexpected:

First up:

Reynolds Realized Lopez Would Likely Kill Him Next

But, as you can see from above, seemed strangely OK with it...

Discussing Lopez's willingness to be beaten to death on screen for the pair's April Fools prank last month, Reynolds revealed:

"That was huge man, that was a lot of fun. And you were an unbelievable sport to do that."

Before adding:

"What're we doing next year? You kill me. I predict next April Fools a messy stabbing death of Ryan Reynolds by Mr. Mario Lopez."

Next, though:

Thing Got a Little More Serious

With Reynolds discussing his response to being run over by an "overly aggressive pararazzo's car":

"It's one of those things, y'know, it's one of those things where you get to just sit back and let due process do its thing, and you don't really have to get involved."

Which, presumably, is code for "I'm going to put on my costume and lurk somewhere at night, before wreaking bloody revenge."

No, wait, that'd be the actual Deadpool's response...

Next up:

Reynolds Spoke About How Fans Got Deadpool Made...

...Acknowledging the key role fans played in getting Deadpool onto the big-screen once again, by pointing out that:

"They're the reason we're here, they're the reason this movie got made. They made their voice loud, and they made it clear, and the studio just right away said 'let's go, there's your release date, you're off and running'."

Which suggests that we should all start sending Fox more letters demanding that X-Force movie...

Before, finally:

The Pair Recognized Their Symbiotic Relationship

With Reynolds observing:

"We've had like four interviews in four weeks...if I was like an alcoholic, you'd be my sober coach..."

Only, presumably, with more pretend murder...

The main lesson from all this, though? There's a good chance Mario Lopez is going to turn up in Deadpool, and get killed...again.

What do you think, though?



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