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There's been a lot of hoopla surrounding Jared Leto as The Joker for Suicide Squad. We still aren't 100% sure what he's going to look like in the role, but it's safe to say that the amount of hype surrounding the role means that it better be good - and I'm sure it will be.

Check out this Instagram post from @umbertogonzalez... the rumors are that Jared Leto is pulling a Heath Ledger. He's staying in character behind the scenes on set and going all out for the role.

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Of course, Heath Ledger's Joker, in some people's opinion is the best of all time. He was well documented as having gone completely "all-in" for the role. Clearly, it was tragic what happened to Ledger and may he rest in peace, but the silver lining in his passing is that he managed to leave us with such an iconic performance that his legacy will last for decades.

I honestly think that the Ledger Joker will still be freaky and so spot-on years from now, that it will remain a timeless character that we look back on. However, you never know... maybe Leto will knock it out the park too. Then it can turn into a competition of sorts. In an effort to pay homage to the past Joker, each new Joker might try to out-do the one before. It's a terrifying character, really...

Heath's Posthumous Oscar

Ledger died at 28 years old... easily way too young today. He passed mere months before the film's release. He also wasn't alive to see that he was honored by The Academy with a "posthumous" Oscar that his family accepted on his behalf. The only other time this has happened to an actor was in 1977 when Peter Finch got one for 'Network'

Ledger's Joker diary

Ledger kept a diary that he used to maintain the Joker's persona on and off camera. The diary ended up being the subject of a documentary called "Too Young to Die", which made the rounds online. The journal offered a tragic but interesting glimpse into the reference points the actor made for himself to create this terrible, terrible, villain. Maybe Leto will do something similar.

Can you really link the Joker role to Ledger's death?

It is hard to say that getting into this maniacal character is what led to Ledger's death, but I can understand the argument. I just don't know if it makes any sense to claim that was it. In these situations, there are several variables, and while I'm sure obsessively trying to portray a mad-man won't help, it can't be to blame for the tragedy that occurred months before the movie's release.

The end-result

I mean, this is tough to beat. But from the looks of it, Leto is on board. I really hope he crushes it and does the character justice. I think Heath would be proud.

(Via: Los Angeles Times, Instagram)


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