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Disney is well-known for inserting Easter eggs and cameos into all of their movies, fueling multiple theories about shared universes. Frozen catapulted this speculation once fans noticed that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider made a quick appearance in Arendelle. That realization was an open door (like love!) to all the possible conneections between the two movies.

Now, DeviantArt user CGheartbreak has put forward an original theory that gives Hans an amazing backstory and even connects him directly to the world of Tangled. If you've ever wondered about Hans' origins or wanted another reason to adore both stories, read on for a Disney thought experiment!

The theorist was inspired by the constant comparisons between Rapunzel and Anna

But she thinks another character shares more convincing similarities.

She noticed that Hans, that nefarious prince, bears a striking resemblance to TWO characters

Based on their facial features, she proposes that Hans looks like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider combined.

Hans shares a chin, forehead, and jawline with Eugene

Along with an identical eyebrow shape and the same penchant for specifically placed facial hair. Their ears look pretty similar too (though that may just be true of most human characters in Disney's computer-animated movie).

His eyes are incredibly close to Rapunzel's

Albeit a little bit more hazel and a little less bright (fitting for his villainous turn). His eyelashes are also especially full for a male character, almost but not quite rivaling Rapunzel's.

And his nose looks like a combination of both of the others'

It has the same angle as Flynn's and then gets slightly upturned like Rapunzel's.

With these facial traits considered, the theory emerges: Hans is their son!

But, could Hans really be the son of Flynn and Rapunzel? He is a prince, after all, and he comes from the Southern Isles, which are presumably much warmer than chilly, Northern Arendelle. It's possible that they could be an extension of Corona, the sunny, inviting island kingdom where Rapunzel and Flynn reside.

Of course, there's that one little cameo to contend with

Which sadly pokes a bit of hole in this theory. Disney has announced that Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa's cousin, which explains their presence at the coronation. I suppose they could have brought Hans along, but their ages give them away.

However, I really want to believe that there is some sort of connection here because the visual similarities are just too perfect. Some have suggested that maybe Flynn and Hans are long-lost brothers, which might just hold some water. They are both pretty good at lying, isn't that right, Hans?

Despite the Easter Egg, I still find this theory really intriguing due to my unyielding desire for a connected Disney universe. Even if that means Rapunzel and Flynn parented a villain.


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