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Avengers fatigue!!! I saw the movie twice already by the way and I would like to think I'm a kid at heart. But honestly I'm really tired of the kiddie approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and I do not think I am the only one that is getting fatigued with Marvel. Now Age of Ultron is far from a failure financially so its ridiculous that anyone would say the movie is not a success. But its not about money its about people's perception of the movie. Who are we kidding; everyone was going to see the movie based on the success of the first Avengers movie but as reviews started coming out even after the financial success movie goers frustration are being heard. Even main stream sports media has chimed in on their frustration with the movie.

Avengers was made for kids

Ant-Man is the next Marvel movie to hit theaters but there has been little buzz about movie. I'm not sure what Marvel's expectations are for Ant-Man but they have done a very poor job marketing the movie so far. But what we have seen so far seems more like a movie for kids with little that will be appealing to a more mature audience.

Ant-Man also made for kids

I'm curious to see how Ant-Man will do financially. Guardians of the Galaxy did very well after the success of the first Avengers and I'm sure that Marvel is expecting similar numbers from Ant-Man. But with the criticism that Avengers: Age of Ultron has endured over the last few weeks you would have to believe that it would have a negative affect on the ticket sales for Ant-Man. It doesn't help that China, one of the world's biggest markets reportedly are not been happy with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Chinese subtitles screwed up

Now why this may seem like an easy fix for Marvel in present time this mistake may hurt their cinematic universe movie forward. Reportedly some Chinese movie goers were drove to tears it was so bad.

But what do you think? Are Marvel movies more kids? Will the Chinese subtitle scandal hurt future Marvel movies?


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