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Even with Disney's crystal clear diction, there is plenty of scope to inadvertently twist the song lyrics into misheard hilarity.

As a child who was baffled why Paul Young's girlfriend kept on going away and taking a piece of meat with her, this is a subject the really tickles my funny bone, but which of the misheard lyrics below will get you giggling?

Pocket Perve

Well, I guess it's better to be direct.

Giving On Fire Within a Whole New Meaning...

I've seen the force of not-so-great Thai food in a public bathroom before, I can see how it could be useful in battle.

Like a Ham to the Slaughter

Sammiches, sammiches! Barely even food stuff!

Chocolate Fondue Fuckery

To be fair Hans, you really did.

Squatting Under the Stars

I'm not sure if a roof is the place I would choose, but each to their own.

Just Dickin' Around at the Diamond Mine

They must have been so disappointed when Snow White was a woman...

Genies Gone Wild

That has to be a good thing, right?

The Circle of Confusion

Sorry bro, but I think you might have chosen the wrong country to buy a penguin.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below:

(Source: Geeky Tyrant)


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