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Part of why Disney princesses have become so iconic over the years is that signature look that all fans remember: we've got Elsa's ice-blue dress, Ariel's clamshell bikini, and Cinderella's glorious gown. But what happens if you take those signature looks off the princesses and put them on someone else? Apparently a whole lot of hilarity!

Artist Sarah Margrethe has taken four of our favorite Disney dudes and totally transformed them by putting them in the clothing of their female counterparts, and perhaps unsurprisingly the guys don't look all that happy with the results!

Take a look for yourself and decide what clothing you prefer to see the guys of Disney wearing:

Tarzan as Jane Porter

There's just something about that cheeky, intense stare that makes me think that Tarzan is planning something, he can really pull off those frills though!

Aladdin as Jasmine

I have to say, Aladdin looks pretty good in those colors! I would love to see what he looked like with Jasmine's jewels on as well - I bet he could really rock the gold necklace!

Prince Eric as Ariel

This is hilarious, but I'm so thankful that Sarah Margrethe didn't make the fish covering Eric's prince poor little Flounder, I don't think I could have coped with that! Could you imagine Princess Eric pulling off this musical number quite as elegantly?

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert as Rapunzel

While none of the other princes really seem that happy about wearing their female counterparts clothes (except maybe Tarzan, but I can't really tell what that guy is thinking), Flynn Rider looks utterly miserable in Rapunzel's clothes. Too bad really, he doesn't look half bad in it!

Source: DeviantArt user Sarah Margrethe via Imgur


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