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Of all the shows to start out strong and taper away disappointingly, NBC's Heroes is possibly the most memorable. In 2006, before the current superhero boom had truly reached its peak, Heroes was the little superpowered show that could... until it couldn't any more.

I mean, you remember the classic era Heroes...

Save the cheerleader, save the world... ain't that the truth. Now NBC have announced that long awaited new series of Heroes, five years after the show was pulled.

Heroes: Reborn will contain crossover characters but won't be a direct 'sequel' as such. Little information is available but Reborn looks like it will take the Heroes world and explore new storylines within the structure of the existing universe.

If you can't wait 'til Fall 2015, check out your full Heroes: Reborn cast here!

1. Kiki Sukezane

Role: Miko Otomo

2. Gatlin Green

Role: Unknown

3. Jack Coleman

Role: Noah Bennet

4. Ryan Guzman

Role: Unknown

5. Rya Kihlstedt

Role: Unknown

6. Zachary Levi

Role: Luke Collins

7. Judith Shekoni

Role: Unknown

8. Danika Yarosh

Role: Unknown

9. Robbie Kay

Role: Unknown

10. Henry Zebrowski

Role: Unknown

11. Francesca Eastwood

Role: Unknown

12. Jimmy Jean-Louis

Role: The Haitian

13. Pruitt Taylor Vince

Role: Unknown

14. Eve Harlow

Role: Unknown

15. Masi Oka

Role: Hiro Nakamura

Here's the - rather meagre, admittedly - promo for Heroes: Reborn that aired during the 2015 Superbowl.

Heroes: Reborn hits Fall 2015.


Are you stoked for another season of Heroes?

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