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Have you heard the legend of CryBaby? A popular urban legend it seems to attach it's spooky self to old bridges throughout America.

At these bridges devastating acts occurred, such as unwanted babies being cruelly tossed into the cold waters and school busses full of excited youngsters all ready for a school trip crashing through the walls of the bridge and plummeting to their deaths, drowning, trapped inside the bus.

Those who dare to visit can hear a baby cry, but there is no baby to be seen. Or the muffled screams and sinister gurgling of the drowning children emanating from the water.

Scary tales of murder, suicide and hangings have attached themselves to bridges all across America, with the ghosts who died there haunting all who dare to cross. Could you be living near one of them?

1. Governor's Bridge Road, Bowie, Maryland

This bridge is where, in the 1930's, a woman killed her new born baby. Unmarried, she was scared of what her family would say, and the reputation she would get. Carrying her new born onto the bridge she threw it over the side into the icy water below. People say you can still hear the baby's cry, and the ghostly image of a car has been seen driving on the bridge. Could it be the ghost of the car belonging to the mother? Could she be coming back to find her baby?

source: ViralNova

2. Egypt Road Bridge, Salem, Ohio.

Also attached to the Cry Baby legend, the legend has it that a baby fell into the river many years ago and drowned. The bridge was also where the body of an elderly lady was found in 2010. Brutally murdered she had been strangled and her body had been burnt when she was found. Utility workers who work near te bridge have claimed to her the baby's cries for help, and the ghost of the old women can be seen, helplessly wandering around.

a photograph taken at the bridge. Is it a ghost?!
a photograph taken at the bridge. Is it a ghost?!

source: ViralNova

3. Sachs Bridge Gettysburg

Not the setting for a CryBaby urban myth, this bridge is haunted by the soldiers of the Civil War. The Confederate army retreated over the bridge in July of 1863.

The sight of a bloody war zone the bridge is plagued by the ghosts of dead soldiers.

could it be the ghosts of the soldiers?!
could it be the ghosts of the soldiers?!

Full bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, cold spots and people being touched have been reported on more than one occasion. One ghost story told about the bridge's haunted past includes three Confederate soldiers who deserted their unit, and were caught. It is believed that these three men were hung on this bridge as their punishment. People have also been able to smell someone smoking a pipe, with no explanation.

source: Waymarking

4. Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, New York

One of New York's most famous landmarks, it's also totally haunted! People have heard splashing and screams for help in the water beneath the bridge, but when they rush to help there is no sign that anyone has jumped in.

Even scarier there has been reports of people seeing the ghost of a headless man wandering around the bridge. This is made even scarier by the fact that there was a tragic accident, where a young man was decapitated by a snapped cable while working on the bridge.

Around 27 workers were killed during the making of the bridge, and the day it opened a panic broke out when people thought the bridge was on the edge of collapse. This caused a stampede and 12 people were trampled to death as everyone tried to escape the bridge. It is also a common suicide hotspot, with lots of people jumping from the bridge to their deaths.

source: ghostsnghouls

5. Clinton Road Bridge, New Jersey

It is said that a young boy drowned near the bridge, and he is still very much active in the area. If you throw coins into the water, the little boy throws them back up. Or he places them in the middle of the road for when you next travel across the bridge. He is also known to get angry, people have reported feeling they are being pushed when they look over the sides of the bridge.

strange shadows seen at the bridge
strange shadows seen at the bridge

source: allday

6. Danville Bridge, Indiana

Several ghostly stories are connected to the bridge.

One says that an unlucky construction worker named Dad Jones fell into wet cement while building the bridge, encasing himself into the bridge's structure.

Reportedly the railroad company refused to let the bridge be damaged recovering his body, so he is still there, trapped inside the cement, People have heard screams for help and the sound of a hammer banging on the bridge, as the man tries to attract attention so he can be saved.

Another story is of a woman who, scared by an oncoming train, jumped into the White Lick Creek below the bridge, while carrying her baby in her arms. Now when a train is approaching people can hear the frightened screams of the mother and child, and a woman in white is seen searching for something near the water. Could it be the mother, coming to find her child?

source: angelfire

7. Emily's Bridge, Coles County, Illinois

On October 19th 1980, people out taking a Sunday morning stroll, found the severely mutilated body of a young woman. her head, feet and hands were all missing. The body wasn't identified until 2008, and many people have witnessed a lot of paranormal activity.

People have reported scratch marks appearing on vehicles that were parked on the bridge and being touched or scratched by a ghost. Often strange noises are heard on the bridge, such as footsteps, ropes tightening, and a girl screaming. Many have also reported seeing a white apparition around the area of Emily's Bridge.

People sat in their cars have felt someone banging on the doors, and the sound of something being dragged across the roof. The most distinct paranormal events tend to take place between the hours of 12 AM and 3:30 AM.

Could it be the ghost of the murdered woman? Banging on the cars to flee from her attacker?

source: roadtrippers

8. Colville Covered Bridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky

In the 1930's three people went into the bridge, and never came out again. A young couple driving home from prom lost control of their car and swerved, crashing into the water below. Also an elderly woman who was walking through the bridge, collapsed and died before she could make it out.

People travelling over the bridge say that they can see a light shining from under the bridge, like a car has crashed into the water with the lights still on. people have also heard the sounds of an old lady coughing and crying for help.

So it's kind of looking like I won't have the guts to cross water anymore. My road trips are going to take much longer after this!


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