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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It's no secret that I adore Kristen Stewart. Sure, she's come out and told the public that she's 'F***ing proud' of Twilight, but she's been able to change and grow so much since those days.

In Sils Maria and Still Alice Kristen Stewart showed us that she's developed into a great actress, finding a stronger screen presence the more she grows comfortable with herself.

2015 sees Kristen Stewart turn her hand to 'genre buster' comedy/action blazefest American Ultra alongside Jesse Eisenberg, where you can expect to see Kristen, uh, High As All S***.

Director Nima Nourizadeh told MTV:

We dyed her hair like orangey-red, and that made her look so different. So there’s a kind of slightly scruffy look to her but she still looks so amazing. When you watch the movie, you know, you’ll see like Kristen playing the character that you wouldn’t expect her to necessarily.
I think she’s funny. There’s stuff that when you watch the movie, you go, ’Ah, that’s a good one. I’ve never seen her like that!'

While it's great Nourizadeh is so stoked about directing Kristen, it's hardly a totally new persona for Kristen. I mean - and this is NOT a criticism - it's not hard to find pictures of Kristen either a) smoking or b) looking adorably disheveled...

In fact, I think Kristen has always looked more natural in movies where she's been able to embrace that 'slightly scruffy look': case in point, her awesome turn as Joan Jett in The Runaways...

American Ultra follows stoner couple Mike (Eisenberg) and Phoebe (Stewart) as they try to be normal amidst government conspiracies and a a whole lot of weed paranoia.

American Ultra director Nourizadeh certainly knows how to grab our attention, describing the movie thusly...

It’s just this weird sort of entertaining, well-rounded, totally unique movie, I think where you know you’ll be laughing one minute, you’ll be hopefully quite shocked at some of the action that we did. It’s violent, it’s graphic, it’s funny, it’s silly at times, you know it’s just got so many things going on that its hard to actually define really.


Come on, will you admit that Kristen Stewart is a good actress now?

Source: MTV


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