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I make entertainment videos on youtube, and i really want to build a community whereas we all work together towards greater good. I've been struggling for over 2 years to gain any kind of recognition towards my name. Mainly because there is a sea of people doing the same thing as me, only not as serious as i am. Ive been in contact with bigger youtubers before, and they were really amazed with my content, and told me to keep going. And eventually my community would make it. But one can not go and wait for someone else to realize your dream for you. You gotta reach out and grab onto that dream and work as hard as you possibly can to realize your own dream. Because no one else is gonna do it for you. Like Will Smith once said, there is no need for a plan b, because it diverts from plan a. That is how serious i am about wanting to build this community. I've given up so many things to pursue this dream. All i ask for, is a little help. Here is one of my many videos that i create and upload on a daily basis.


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