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Dying Light will soon become your worst nightmare! Introducing the Bozak zombie hordes as well as an all new Co-op arena, new weapons and missions.

The next terrifying installment to hit Dying Light will introduce new locations, new weapons and all new zombies. But be warned, even with your new weaponry, these flesh hunters are even stronger, faster and more ravenous than ever before.

Titled, The Bozak Horde, this latest DLC brings an all new game mode with it. This mode has been tailored specifically for co-op gameplay. Techland say that one of the latest locations will allow for the most intense zombie survival situation ever experienced. The new Arena "designed with co-op gameplay in mind." Techland profess that this will challenge "even a team of four seasoned survivors".

Although tailored for co-op gameplay, you can very well take on the hordes alone. New weaponry and character abilities will help you cut through the waves of dead zombie flesh in no time.

Dying Light
Dying Light

Incentive weapons and achievements will become available if you are successful in slaying the entire horde. Players will be awarded, amongst other weapons, a compound hunting bow that is apparently "the ultimate stealth weapon."

Dying Light
Dying Light

Players can unlock other weapons and ammunition by exploring the new world and completing all new missions. We are expecting to get access to deserted open farmland as well as the stadium.

Oh, and buggies!?

Dying Light
Dying Light

Talk to me! - Are you ready for more zombie slaughter?

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