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Every week since the show first aired in 1989 The Simpsons does a different couch gag. Whether they're poking fun at pop culture or covering a brief history of time starting at the Big Bang, the same

There are plenty of instances of famous cartoons crossing over, but this has been one of my favorites in years. Check out the hilarious Rick and Morty/Simpsons couch gag crossover below:

A lot happens in this promo, even though it's barely over two and a half minutes long. Here are, in my opinion, some of the best bits.

Everything seems normal

Until some unexpected visitors make a crash landing

Luckily Rick has a plan...

Which included a couple quick references to Futurama

And a bit of drinking

As usual, Flanders gets in the way momentarily

But his fate still isn't as unfortunate as what happens to the Simpsons...

Now I guess we've all learned the lesson that cleaning DNA vials with your spit will likely have undesired results.

I don't know about you, but seeing these two worlds collide (literally) was a lot of fun! Even if it meant, well, killing the Simpson family. Worth it!

Rick and Morty will premiere Sunday, July 26 on Adult Swim.


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