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Now, when we finally got our first look at the full Suicide Squad cast recently, there were a pretty wide range of reactions from fans - from the utterly over-excited, all the way through to the completely aghast.

For some, it seems, the pretty-out-there portrayals we're set to see on screen were too much, while for others, they weren't close enough to their original comic-book portrayals. Meanwhile, others felt that it was completely impossible to tell whether or not the movie would be awesome from just one image, and opted to reserve judgement until a later date (or something really silly got released).

Note, this isn't really silly.
Note, this isn't really silly.

One of the problems, after all, with judging the cast, and indeed Suicide Squad itself, is that we can't really tell all that much about each cast-member from such a busy, character-filled image.

Take Killer Croc, for example:

Sure, he looks freaky-as hell, but it's not actually all that straightforward to tell what the heck he'll look like on the big-screen.

Until now, that is:

Now, that image may or may not increase your faith in Suicide Squad's ability to blow us all away - but whatever else we might think about the movie, it looks set to have some pretty incredible make-up effects.

The big question now? Whether it'll be able to live up to its promise...

What do you think, though?



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