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He may play a bit of a rugged lone wolf in The Walking Dead, but in real life Norman Reedus his quite different to his on-screen character Daryl Dixon, and the biggest different? Unlike Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus is a father! Did you know that, because I sure didn't!

Obviously given that Reedus' son is 16-years-old this isn't exactly breaking news, but the young Reedus is very rarely seen in the public eye, which when it comes to celebrity children that is somewhat uncommon!

The 46-year-old's teenage son is named Mingus Lucien Reedus, and was born in 1999, while Norman was in a relationship with model Helena Christensen (talk about a good gene combo!). His interesting name comes after being named for the famous jazz musician Charles Mingus.

While Christensen and Reedus split in 2003, they share joint custody of their son who looks remarkably like his Danish mother. Norman even has a tattoo on Mingus' name on his forearm which you may have noticed in The Walking Dead:

Back in 2013 when Reedus was posed for a People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive photoshoot, he shared an adorable story about when his son, Mingus, was just 5 years old that is sure to melt your heart:

When my son was about 5-years-old, he said to me "Daddy, I need a little black kitten."

And I was like "Why?" he was like "I NEED a little black kitten."

So I called all over New York City looking for a little black kitten, and I found one that was in the East Village, and they said it was found in a box in an alley and the guy goes "I have all these other kittens, you don't want this kitten."

And I go "Why?" he goes "This cat is never gonna love anyone." I said "I'll take it!" and now the cat's just a big fluff love ball.

At the time I had all black floors, and my son couldn't see it except for his eyes so I said "What are you gonna name it?" He goes "Eye In The Dark." And I was like "Alright. Cool."

How adorable is that story, and how cute is that cat! Oh and I totally forgot to mention that cat snuggle that Eye In The Dark gives Norman:


But Eye in the Dark isn't Mingus Reedus' only pet! Earlier in 2016 he adopted an adorable pup with his mom, Helena:

The dog is miniature Australian shepherd named Kuma (which means 'bear' in Japanese), and she has Heterochromia of the eye, which means that she has one brown eye and one blue eye!

Kuma is the family's first dog, and I think it's safe to say she's a very well-loved little pup!

Watch Norman Reedus and Eye in the Dark's photoshoot below:

What is your favorite Daryl Dixon moment?

Source: People Magazine via Imgur, Yahoo


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