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Rob Harris

If there's one thing Arnold Schwarzenegger has shown a natural born talent for, it's blowing shit up, and, as a man keenly aware of his own strengths, that's exactly what he spends his spare time doing.

Now the legendary action hero is inviting you to indulge in his explosive past time with him, running a charity auction with Omaze that will benefit After-School Stars, a non-profit setting up after-school programs for students.

Schwarzenegger is looking for a dynamite partner to help him reduce a bunch of stuff to rubble. Sound like fun? To give you a taste of the mayhem on offer, watch the Terminator himself lay waste to...

A Wardrobe

A Neighbour's Car

Gummy Bears

And Spaghetti

But remember - if you haven't walked away from it, you haven't blown it up properly...

Check out the awesome video below, featuring some incredibly satisfying slow motion shots:

Don't you just love a good explosion?


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