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SPOILER ALERT: If for some reason you haven't seen the season 6 finale, stop reading now!

After the Vampire Diaries season six finale stole Elena away from Damon in true sleeping beauty style, it was obvious that he would be a changed man and now Julie Plec is verifying something a lot of us fans have been wanting for a long time.

That's right, we are going to get badass season one Damon back as he struggles to cope with losing his soulmate for 60+ years. The Vampire Diaries big boss spoke out to Entertainment Weekly and explained that she planned to :

"Take Damon down a different road and have more fun with his character and [get back to] that season 1 Damon that everybody loved so much and that Ian himself loved so much."

For those of you that joined the Mystic Falls fan club late, the video below will give you a taste of the wise mouthed badass that you should expect to meet soon:

It doesn't seem like the writers are running out of inspiration after six season either, Plec explained that:

"There’s a whole new mythology that we have teed up. We even have a pitch for how season 7 can launch us into season 8. So in spite of the grief that I’m getting and some people’s extremely vehement opinions that the show cannot and should not continue without her [Nina Dobrev], emotionally I wish we still had her, but creatively I do feel like there’s an absolute ton of story left to tell and a lot of really terrific actors and characters that we love who are willing to stay to do it.”

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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