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We've recklessly dipped our toes into the sick world of Creepypasta before, and we know there's nothing quite like those engrossing online stories to eliminate any possibility of sleep until the sun comes back out. Now, we're using them to investigate a video game favorite from our childhood: The Sims.

Anyone who's played it knows that things can get a bit...bizarre. To remind you of how surprisingly creepy this game could get, listen to all the danger sounds (burglar, fire, etc.) that spelled doom for our creations.

Now prop yourself up in bed, read these Sims-inspired Creepypastas, and remind yourself that it's only a virtual reality. These events can't really happen, right?

Mourning and Screaming

After getting a nostalgic bug, an older teen bought The Sims off eBay when he found a particularly cheap deal. Once installed, he made a Sim named David and did all the normal set-up things: made a house, got him a career, and made him marry a woman named Truce. Eventually, they had two kids, Matt and Lisa, and everything seemed normal.

One day, when Truce was the only one in the house, she went to the oven to fix dinner. David arrived as she was cooking and before he could reach his wife, the oven went up in flames. Quickly, Truce was engulfed and was reduced to a pile of ashes.

That's when things started getting weird. In his free will state, David would just do one thing: mourn. He would listen to commands, but he went right back to mourning after completing them. That night when everyone was in bed, David let out a paralyzing scream. The player changed the speed to real time and checked his activity. Instead of a bed, there was a picture of Truce that could not be removed. He continued to howl, and the teen took to forums to find out what was wrong.

Trying everything that was suggested, nothing helped. David mourned all day and howled all night. After days of this, David finally woke up from his horrifying sleep and seemed to twitch. Was it a glitch? When the player tried to make him do something, the game wouldn't allow it.

Suddenly, he rushed to his kids' room. He picked up Matt and threw him on the bed. The player watched in helpless terror as David pulled out a kitchen knife and plunged it into his son. The player remembered Lisa and made her the active Sim. She was in the cupboard, hiding, and David quickly ended up there. At that moment, the game crashed and the screen went dark.

When it booted up again, the teen's background had been changed to pictures of Matt and Lisa, staring blankly out in black and white.

Creep factor: A bit chilling and relatable, this one's really a warm-up for what's to come.


Basic plot: After leaving home for college, a girl decided that she wanted to relive her childhood and purchased the latest Sims game. She didn't have a lot of money, so she bought a used copy. It seemed a bit off and needed a good buffing to get the scratches out, but she inserted it into her computer and started playing.

After creating her Sim, she chose from the normal list of traits. Yet, there was a new one that seemed totally out of place in a kids' game: Cannibal. She ignored it and went along with the game, but she noticed that her Sim only experienced anger or sadness, never getting happy.

When she decided to get him a job, there were three options: Crime, Theater, and Butcher. The first two were grayed out, unclickable, so she begrudgingly chose the last one, wondering what Butcher might mean. Immediately, a car showed up and took her Sim to a factory that's never been in the game before. Emanating from it were screams and high-pitched moans, the kind that were much too realistic to be in a computer game.

The Sim emerged from work covered in blood, and there was no way to change the outfit. When she went into Buy mode, there was only one option: meathooks. She purchased one, and it also had only one option, "Hang Body."

She was about ready to give up when her Sim passed a group of people in her neighborhood. Trying to befriend them, she found once again that there was only one option, "Invite to house." Finally, she relented and tried it out on one girl. Suddenly, an extremely graphic cutscene took over the screen, with her Sim bludgeoning the girl with a sledge hammer before hanging her on a meathook. He stripped her and finally gave one last option, "Eat," that the girl selected.

The game glitched and a loud buzzing sound came out of the speakers. She ejected the game and disposed of it, furious with the outcome. She drove to the store to demand a refund or at least an explanation, but all that stood in its place was an abandoned meat factory.

Creep factor: Cannibalistic Sims hellbent on eating each other. Sounds like an expansion pack waiting to happen.

Behind You...

CoolGame8013 /
CoolGame8013 /

Basic plot: A teenager named David and his best friend, Owen, were obsessed with The Sims, and desperately added every expansion back. One night, Owen sent over a bootleg EP that his friend quickly installed. When Dave booted up the game, it immediately seemed different, and only gave one household to select from.

Hesitantly, David clicked on it, and he was greeted with an exact replica of his real house, right down to a version of him sitting in front of a computer. No matter how many other activities he tried for, his Simself would not budge from the blank screen. He sat there, transfixed, in a dark room.

He started to feel sick to his stomach seeing this passive version of himself, so he messaged Owen for an explanation. No answer. Getting increasingly freaked out, he called Owen's phone repeatedly until he finally picked up. Owen came to the phone, clearly annoyed, and asked what the deal was. Thinking it was all a joke, David snapped at his friend, until he gave an answer David never wanted to hear.

"I've been at my grandparent's all day," Owen said. "They don't have Internet access."

When David looked back at his screen, the entire house was plunged into darkness. He zoomed in on his Simself and noticed something at the window: a pale face devoid of any features was pressed against it, trying to claw his way inside.

Suddenly, the face disappeared, and danger music began playing despite the sound being on mute. David couldn't tear his face away from the screen, even when he saw the figure walking on all fours through the house, right to where his Simself was sitting. He heard footsteps and scraping sounds inside his real house, but still he couldn't stop watching it unfold on his laptop.

When the figure finally appeared behind his Simself, David's neck hair stoop up on end. He knew that this thing was behind him in reality, just as it slowly filled up the screen with its blank, evil face. He forced himself to turn around, and everything went dark as he passed out.

When he woke, he decided to avoid The Sims and pretend like this was all a bad dream. That is until he tried to leave the room and couldn't help but notice a pale white flicker out of the corner of his eye.

Creep factor: Personalized virtual reality seeping into real life with no escape? It's scary because it feels possible somehow.

Sunny the Tragic Clown

Wally the Clown /
Wally the Clown /

Basic plot: With no one else home, a 6th grader was staying up late on a Friday night, playing The Sims. He had created one miserable family as a joke while he chose a rich, happy one (based on his own family) as her default. But this night, he decided to pay a visit to the group he mostly overlooked.

He saw multiple tombstones littering the ground and remembered that this is where he would try out sadistic punishments on some unlucky Sims—the ones that were based on real people he didn't like. With the remaining Sims, he continued his torture methods—closing them in rooms with no doors and making them beat and insult each other.

After a while, Sunny the Clown arrived.

As the miserable clown who shows up when Sims are having a really bad time, Sonny is a bad omen until you manage to get rid of him. When he's not coughing, moping or crying, he's trying to do tricks that end up failing.

The player decides that Sunny will be his newest and most preferred victim, and he gives all the Sims a turn slapping and insulting him until they do it without command. Though he thoroughly enjoyed watching the clown suffer, eventually he tired of the sick game and he had Sonny set off a firework in the house.

As Sunny burned in the resulting fire, the player watched with an evil fascination, but then something changed. Sunny didn't wail or writhe like the other Sims and gazed outward, seemingly through the screen, at the boy who was making this happen. He had a vicious smile on his face.

When he finally died, the computer froze, and the player rebooted the game. He decided to go back to his happy family, which included a version of himself, and was greeted with a message counting down. After enough time, a message flashed across the screen:


The clown arrived out of nowhere and swept up the kids who were playing outside into a sack he carried on his back. The parents bolted out in fear, screaming and crying in a way that no Sim ever has before, until the clown hunted them down too. Because the house looked like his real house, when the clown rounded the corner upstairs, he could hear footsteps outside of the door.

At that point, it became too much, and he turned off the game and ran into his parents room. Never playing it again.

Creep factor: Clowns, kidnapping, and mindgames. It doesn't get much worse than this.


Which Creepypasta made you never want to touch The Sims again?

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