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At this point, everybody is trying to become the next big thing on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Tinder, you name it. There's a lot of ways to get famous these days that aren't the typical route to stardom that we all knew of growing up. It seems like it used to be that you had to audition for a part, get the go-ahead from some Hollywood execs, prove yourself in a very structured manner and then you would become famous.

Nowadays, I don't want to say that people have taken short cuts to fame, but let's just say there's more than one path.

This article aims to give a shout-out to some of the ORIGINATORS of "going viral". These people made it for the love of the game... not out of some kind of scheme to get rich or famous. They just harnessed what was, at the time, a very valuable tool in YouTube that would put them on the map.

Anyway, without further ado, these are some classic YouTube stars, then and now.

Star Wars kid

You may remember this kid. The quality isn't great, but that's because this was one of the first viral videos. I'm not sure HD cameras were as common at all back then. I vividly remember the first time I saw this and lost it. Anyway, here is the man, the myth, the legend... just in time with Star Wars buzzing like crazy right now... then and now.

He's grown up into quite the dude. Ghyslain Raza is his name and he's currently in law school. I have faith that he will make sure justice is served!

Leave Britney Alone dude

To this day, I'm still not exactly sure what I see when I watch this. I'm not at all sure where I was when I saw this the first time, but I kind of remember the level of impact it had on my life. It was without a doubt a true classic and one of the first viral internet sensations of all time.

YouTube sensation Chris Crocker trolled everybody in the end, having starred in an HBO documentary and having a very legit and dedicated core following. The "Leave Britney Alone" video garnered 49 million views and launched his career. Who's laughing now? Also, he had a lot of valid points in the vid!

Numa Numa guy

If you have never seen this video, either you are too young or you aren't using the internet correctly. Truly a classic!

The Numa Numa guy has a normal life. He's not as wild as you may think. His name is Gary Brolsma. He was rated as the #1 internet superstar by VH1, edging out Star Wars kid who came in at #2.

Charlie Bit My Finger boys

These boys adorably stole the hearts of the entire world with this video. They had the cutest accents of all time, and perfectly showed that awesome dynamic between two toddler brothers. So, what do they look like now?

Unbelieveable. This makes me feel old as hell!


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