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I absolutely cannot say enough about this creative community on Moviepilot. The way you all are able to think outside of the box is nothing short of remarkable, and for our latest Origin Stories challenge you guys truly outdid yourselves. If you've been keeping up with the entries for this contest, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

With that being said stand up, Creators. Take a bow and give yourselves a hand! You guys ROCKED it.

Cause you guys are AWESOME! THAT's WHY!
Cause you guys are AWESOME! THAT's WHY!

So without any further ado...

The winner of the Origin Story Contest is:

Tom Tennant - How Peter Venkman Became a Parapsychologist

We chose this article because it was original, well organised and above all just fun to read. The narrative style works really well for this story. At the end, we were all left wanting more.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Aaron W. England - Mr. Pink; Origins

Bridget Serdock - Who Is The "My Cabbages" Guy?

Darragh O'Connor - Interstellar: The Dark Origin Story of Cooper

Mohammed Hidhayat - Origins - Mass Effect: A New Retrowave Beginning

BrittAnie Smith - From Rags to Dusting Riches: The Alfred Pennyworth Story

Excuse us while we put our brains back together.
Excuse us while we put our brains back together.

Seriously, the quality articles you guys were able to put forth for this challenge is just amazing. I HIGHLY suggest you guys go back and check out some of the entries if you haven't already!

To All The Creators...

Thank you for once again making this an interesting and exciting challenge to be involved in. We hope you enjoyed taking part as much as we did! Keep up the incredible work and don't forget that there will always be more chances to get involved in contests!

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