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With her new film Carol premiering at this year's Cannes Film Festival, royal elf and living goddess Cate Blanchett is hot on the trail of getting her seventh Oscar nomination. Despite the major anticipation for the movie, which also stars Rooney Mara, Blanchett has been making headlines recently for an announcement about her personal life.

In an interview with Variety, the candid actress opened up about the movie, which follows a married woman who starts a relationship with another woman in her 20s (played by Rooney Mara). When the interviewer openly questioned Blanchett if this was her first experience as a lesbian, she responded with a wry smile and "On film—or in real life?"

When pressed about about any past relationships with women, she responded affirmatively, plainly saying that she's been a part of same-sex relationships "many times." Currently married to a man, Blanchett didn't go into any detail, but she did say that she "never thought about" labeling her sexual orientation.

Honestly, I really appreciate how casually she reacts to and answers this question. While the act of coming out is still extremely beneficial to LGBT visibility, you have to respect an individual's own view of their identity, even if that is contrary to what the majority expects.

In other words, Cate Blanchett continues to be a down-to-Earth legend who deserves all the awards.


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