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I already watched the two Avenger films and I can confidently say that the two are a very good example of a superhero movie. I am also looking forward to watch Captain America: Civil War because its characters are mainly the Avengers and its story will be connected to the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

After I finished watching the first film, my nerd senses told me to research on the Avengers. I started with Wikipedia. From there on, I was amazed by the vastness of the Marvel universe and its enormous universe. There were a LOT of superheroes with meaty back stories and powers. Some have happy ones but most of them have sad histories that they use as a fuel for their fighting.

I was researching about the Avengers on comics when I stumbled upon this elegant woman named Janet van Dyne. She is the friend of the protagonist of the upcoming superhero film, Ant-Man.

Here are the reasons as to why The Wasp should be included in the next Avengers movie:

1. She has a badass back story like most of the heroes

The Wasp and The Ant-Man
The Wasp and The Ant-Man

Janet Van Dyne's father was killed by an alien in one of his experiments. Because of this, she asked Dr. Hank Pym for help. She went through a biological procedure that enabled her to have her powers, which leads us to number two.

2. Her powers are unique

Wasp powers
Wasp powers

After the procedure, she gained the ability to call for the help of wasps (which she rarely uses), gain wings, change her size at will (from giant to smaller-than-dice size), and shoot biological energy beams which she calls Wasp Stings. These babies can be charged for a long time to damage full time to big enemies. Pretty cool stuff right?

3. She helped create the Avengers

She is the one in the left
She is the one in the left

After a confrontation with Loki, she and the Ant-Man proposed to make a super hero team to help fight evil. She coined the term Avengers therefore becoming a co-founder of the said group. It will be pretty unfair to not include her to a group she herself helped to create, right?

4. This girl is on fire

She created her own costume, she has the wits and confidence to become a hero, her romantic interest is the Ant-Man, she herself is a natural leader and her clothing choices are incomparable to others. Plus, she is smoking hot.

5. She was ranked the fifth greatest Avenger of all time

In the year 2013, she was ranked the fifth greatest Avenger of all time by Marvel themselves. Isn't that enough reason to let her in the movie franchise?

I (and most people too after reading about her awesomeness) want to see this girl for the Avengers: Infinity Wars (she isn't in the Ant Man movie or so I heard). Marvel, if you are reading this, you missed such an important and vital part of the group. Don't you agree too?

New update (2/29/16): Pretty sure she'll be featured in the sequel of Antman! Get ready! Her actress, most probably, will be Evangeline Lilly!


Do you want to see The Wasp in Avengers: Infinity Wars? (fan-art below by iNo019)


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