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On May 12th, Square Enix finally unveiled the Kingdom Hearts mobile game they had referenced in the past. Kingdom Hearts X, which was a free-to-play title on the internet since 2013, will now be available for iOS and Android devices with a slight change. However, this is not just a throwaway title, as many people mistake with the numerous handheld instalments in the Kingdom Hearts franchise too.

Tetsuya Nomura had an interview with the folks at Famitsu and elaborated on the connection between Kingdom Hearts Unchained X and the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3. There aren't a whole lot of big connections as the plot of Unchained X takes place years before Sora's tale. However, there are some interesting connections and apparent "keywords" that will help fans understand certain elements of Kingdom Hearts 3 that little bit better!

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Kingdom Hearts Unchained X - Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Plot!

The quote on the side and below is an excerpt from the predictably cryptic opening words of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. The plot of the Kingdom Hearts series is remarkably complex, far more so that even Metal Gear Solid in my opinion - it's just so damn hard to follow sometimes! But it seems that playing Unchained X before the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 might ease a little bit of the pain your brain may experience.

When asked about enjoying the connection between Kingdom Hearts 3 and KH X, Tetsuya Nomura stated: "That’s right. Leading to KHIII, it’s the most ancient story in the series, and Sora and his gang aren't in these worlds… it will take a look at what happened a long time ago. New keywords will appear for KHIII if you play KH X or KH Unchained X, it will make you think “Really?”. In addition, we thought about gimmicks that would be “good to play”."

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Nomura stated that the plot in KH X is one "that wouldn't hurt to know!" So for those of you that pride yourselves on knowing every aspect of the Kingdom Hearts lore, you'll want to check this out prior to playing Kingdom Hearts 3. "The scenario heads towards depicting the beginning of the 'Keyblade War' that occurred. However, as there are Keyblade Wielders in the World later on, they must not all have been destroyed in the Keyblade War. That is the basis of this story."

"KH X and KH Unchained X tell the story of how everything began. Why was Xehanort so obsessed with Kingdom Hearts? You should be able to glimpse the reason for that during these two titles. /

If you do know, then you will enjoy the world of KH all the more, make no mistake. However, you don't have to know everything. The protagonist himself, Sora, doesn't know everything. That said, I'd be happiest if you did play it (laughs). If you do give it a try, I think you'll be surprised at what a rich experience you get for free."

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

So what do you think Kingdom Hearts fans? Will you be enjoying a little bit of free Kingdom Hearts lore prior to the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3? Or is the plot already complicated enough for you? Personally, I've only played three of the Kingdom Hearts games, will I have trouble understanding Kingdom Hearts 3 in your opinion? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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