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True Detective Season 2 is happily leaving the mists of enigmatic marketing, and entering the realms of mission statement trailers. What do I mean by mission statement trailers? Well, check out this trailer that puts much more emphasis on character goals and general action than the first.

So how does this trailer fair in making us want to check out True Detective Season 2 despite the massive departure from Season 1? Well, the music certainly isn't as cool as the first trailer, opting for those crashing drums and incessant drone that apparently makes people want to watch things. Has anyone done research into this sort of thing? Can we stop this yet?

"No!" - Hans Zimmer
"No!" - Hans Zimmer

The entire second trailer for True Detective Season 2 seems to adopt a feeling of pressing danger and moving towards something big. Characters are shown running places and generally looking distressed. Gone is the mystery and intrigue of Season 1. Now we have to show our characters running with guns and staring at their bloodied fists! For the first time, these new characters also have something to say. Let's listen to them, shall we?

Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon

Vince Vaughn reprising his role from Dodgeball.
Vince Vaughn reprising his role from Dodgeball.

Long-time mobster, Frank Semyon is played by long-time Wedding Crashers beneficiary, Vince Vaughn, who provides us with some enlightening words of self discovery.

Sometimes your worst self is your best self.

These aren't the most encouraging words for the character. Either they're a flimsy excuse for the crappy things someone else has done, or they're a flimsy excuse to rationalise his own darker impulses. The latter seems quite plausible for Vince Vaughn, since he embodies the persona of a powerful skeez who won't accept responsibility for his own actions quite nicely. Do you think he'll mind me saying that?

Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro

My moustache is too good for this show
My moustache is too good for this show

His name is Ray Velcoro! I'd like to speculate that True Detective Season 2 will have Colin Farrell arrest suspects not with hand cuffs, but just by sticking to them. I've basically just invented my own superhero haven't I?

My strong suspicion is we got the world we deserve

Yeah yeah I've seen The Dark Knight, and Se7en, and everything else where the characters lament on what a terrible place the world is, yet still follow their impulse to save it. The shot we see as Farrell says this is one of him looking at his battered fists. So I'll go out on a limb here and say he's not the nicest of cops, and could again be making excuses for who he is.

Rachel McAdams as Ani Bezzerides

Take THAT judgements made just from the trailer!
Take THAT judgements made just from the trailer!

Okay these names are fantastic. If Nic Pizzolatto can be this inventive consistently with True Detective Season 2, we could even make up for the lack of messed up occult stuff this time around.

In this latest trailer, McAdams is 100% more stabby than we last saw her. We hear her voice over while she's going to town on some wooden dummy.

This girl's gone missing; nobody cares. The interior is poisoned and suddenly worth billions; nobody cares.

Ani here seems to be the straightest cop in the show. I'd even call it that her character becomes the driving force in the main investigation (which seems to involve a missing little girl because detective show). McAdams is also seen running about loading her gun, so perhaps she's involved in some of the more action oriented episodes. Let's hope!

Taylor Kitsch as Paul Woodrugh

So troubled!
So troubled!

Taylor Kitsch is so boring I need to Wikipedia him every time I write his name. In this trailer, Paul Woodragh is walking through a club but get this, he's not dancing! That's how you know he's got interesting stuff going on in his life. He doesn't have time for gyrating and flapping around! He's got inner turmoil!

This isn't me doing this. This isn't me.

What is it with the guys rationalising their actions in these trailers? At least it seems that way. I'm guessing Taylor Kitsch's arc will involve some descent into vice. His voice over is followed by a shot of him getting rather close to a lady, which suggests he may have some sexual guilt paradigm that TV has always assumed was interesting. He might embody something similar to Marty from Season 1, only younger and more Kitschy.

Whether my predictions are on point, and True Detective either indulges or subverts the cliches it's made, we'll have to wait for June 21st!


Who's your favourite in True Detective Season 2 so far?


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