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Not that long ago the third phase of the M.C.U was anounced and lots of people have started speculating and chatting but some people like myslef have started looking to phase 4. This is my wishlist of phase 4 movies


The reason this is my first pic is because I would love to see Mark Ruffalow take on his own movie especially afteravengers 2's ending. I think theye should try taking a new route on it so dont just go hes struggiling as hulk again I want a new take on the hulk and maybe even she hulk.


It would be awezome if we could get a movie were black widow is the lead. If this happens I would say she should be desiding avengers or S.H.E.I.L.D with who to trust because of the past and what theye have both done.


Yes thor was kinda lokis setup but I would love to see loki battle on his own against a force that even he knows is to great. It would be amazing for Hiddleston to lead a film woth all the great movie apearences so far.


We need this one because it would do so much for all the characters espescially after thanos is known as the villain wich will happen in avengers 3 and could expand the universe for characters like hypirion


This could ultamatly be the final ironman chapter and would make sense if theye stoped at four but I just think that theye could go all out with thsi as a finall chapter to the leading series. Plus we could see protection created.


As marvel has said inhumans will be housing a whole civilisation and they would need a second movie. I think the first one could be there creation and becoming inhumans and then this could be fiting in and eventually hiding alanta


This could in troduce the skrulls and connect to the captain marvel and spiderman characters as well with them both being big parts of the character. It could also set the stage for my next and final wish.

Avengers 4 secret invasion

The skrulls could esally be apart of the whole phase and this would set the stage for possibly an expansion to civil war if this goes really good. It would be amazing to see them be tested like taht and it could even make loki an actuall hero.


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