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When I started to think of lesser-known actors I've seen in movies lately, I was going about it all the wrong way. I was trying to think of adult actors that have had some minor parts in major movies. Perhaps someone who has played even a somewhat major role, but one whose name is still relatively unknown. I juggled names like Rose Leslie, Ezra Miller, and Daisy Ridley before realizing something important.

There are many younger teenage actors that have made it big at a young age. Take Anne Hathaway for example. She starred in The Princess Diaries when she was only 19, and she is now one of the biggest household names after starring in Les Miserables and recently Interstellar.

When I started thinking about younger actors, I went straight for Asa Butterfield, but come on, that's the easy choice. I mean he's probably our next Spider-Man, so it's a given that his popularity is about to sky-rocket. After Asa, I realized I had the perfect choice. One that has appeared in many big-name films, but always as a supporting character. Of course, if you've read the title, you know that I chose Ty Simpkins.

He Has Already Joined Superhero Movies

Ty Simpkins in 'Iron Man 3'.
Ty Simpkins in 'Iron Man 3'.

I first saw Ty in Iron Man 3, where he played an assisting character to Tony Stark. He gave Stark housing, and helped him find answers to the whole Extremis problem. He actually had quite a bit of screen time, as it was his job in the movie to help repair the Iron Man suit.

Having a part in Iron Man 3 actually did more for his career than many people realize. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are some of the most popular and most successful movies to ever hit the big screen. Now that Ty had the opportunity to act alongside Robert Downey Jr., he now has his face out there. This way, when he starts to show up in more movies, people will recognize him from the cute kid in Iron Man.

He's Not Afraid Of The Spotlight

Ty also played the lead in the Insidious movies. While I haven't watched them myself, the fact that he played the lead is impressive enough. This shows that he's not afraid the be the center attention, which is pivotal to becoming a big star. There are many actors out there who feel uncomfortable with all of the attention, so they never get quite as much publicity as those who are comfortable.

He's Already Made His Mark On Franchises

Ty Simpkins and Chris Pratt in Jurassic World.
Ty Simpkins and Chris Pratt in Jurassic World.

Other than the Iron Man franchise and the Insidious movies, Ty is acting in the upcoming Jurassic World movie alongside Chris Pratt, the star of 2014. Jurassic World is set to be a huge movie, and once it comes out, that will be the third major franchise that Ty has acted in. Seriously, how is he not the most successful teen actor yet? All he needs to do now is show up in Star Wars VII or VIII and he will be set for life!

He Has Acted Alongside Many A-Listers

A huge popularity boost comes from being around those who are already well-known. That's why the unpopular kids in high school always wanted to hang around with the popular kids. They thought that it would make themselves seem more cool.

Well, I've already covered Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt. He has also worked with Steven Spielberg in War of the Worlds, Rose Byrne in Insidious, Olivia Wilde in Meadowland, and he's about to work on a movie called The Nice Guys alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. After working with all of these talented actors and actresses, you can bet that he learned a little from their prowess.

In conclusion, Ty Simpkins has already achieved a lot of success for someone of his age, and he has a lot of potential to become a huge star! Do you agree, do you disagree? Let me know!


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