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I am always looking for new shows to watch and lately I've happen to stumble upon a couple of shows I'm surprised I missed. I made a list of these shows that I am currently checking out and will most likely be doing a review of when I finish watching them.Let me know in the comments if you have seen these shows as well as recommend me some other shows I should check out.

Space Dandy

Space Dandy is easily the most fun show I've seen in a long time. I like how each episode is stand alone and doesn't really connect to anything. This really gives the creators the ability to do anything they want in each episode. There are a lot of elements you can see was brought over from Cowboy Bebop but its very loosely and mostly little things that you might recognize. I'm only about 10 episode in and can't wait to see what crazy adventure they go on next.

Psycho Pass

The first impression from this show is that its very dark. It reminds me a lot of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, but unlike that show, this one is a bit more engaging plot wise. I like how the main villain of the show is something that goes against the rules that this world has set up really challenging them. The cast is quite big but the two leads really stand out and are the most interesting. There are a bit of a few twists in turns so far and I am becoming more and more interested in seeing where this show goes.

Naruto (125 -140)

I am currently re watching the whole first series of Naruto and I just got to the point where we get one of the biggest fights in the series, Naruto vs Sasuke. What really stood out re watching this was how much it takes to finally get to the fight. There are so many flashbacks and exposition that it gets a tad bit tedious to get through. But they make up for it in the fight scenes. I really enjoy when they improve the animation whenever they have their hand to hand combat.



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