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With Pitch Perfect 2 finally in theaters, get ready for an aca-adventure with the musical sequel to 2012's cult phenomenon Pitch Perfect. Last time we saw the lovely and badass Barden Bellas, they had just been crowned national a cappella champions. But with senior year finally here, the girls have alot more problems to face than simply finding the perfect graduation dress.

After Fat Amy's unfortunate exposure during the President's birthday celebration at Lincoln Center, the group must earn their reputation back by winning the Acapella World Championships. The challenge is bigger than anything the girls have ever faced, and the international competition is tough to say the least...

Kommissar, The Leader of Das Sound Machine
Kommissar, The Leader of Das Sound Machine

Germany's Das Sound Machine may be the Bella's most formidable opponent, but many of the other countries hold their own throughout the competition. What may come as a fun surprise to Pitch Perfect fans, however, is the fact that many of the Bella's competitors claim a capella as a real lifestyle. In other words, they are real life, aca-awesome acapella groups!

You read that correctly, people! This weekend, get ready to watch the Filharmonic, Penn Masala, the Pentatonix, the Singboks, and the Cantasticos bring some cameo musical magic to the big screen!

1. The Filharmonic

Portraying Asian competitor Manila Envy, The Sing Off veterans The Filharmonic bring some Filipino flair to the World Champs in Pitch Perfect 2! The Los Angeles based all-male musical group is proudly comprised of multi-talented performers ranging from jazz, theatre, opera, and pop veterans. Through their hip hop-esque musical style, the boys wish to not only entertain audiences but also honor their Filipino ancestry.

2. Penn Masala

Next up, let's welcome Penn Masala, a renowned South Asian a capella group from the University of Pennsylvania. The group formed back in 1996 and utilizes Eastern and Western cultures to inspire their unique brand of music. Boasting several successful international performances and eight albums, the group has definitely earned the title of "the world's first and premier Hindi a cappella group!"

3. The Pentatonix

The five-membered vocal powerhouse Pentatonix never cease to amaze. The group, which started with three friends in Texas, rose to fame following their victory as The Sing Off champions and quickly gained a strong and loyal Youtube following. Their incredible mashups, covers, and original music instantly skyrocketed them into the public eye and eventually landed them a platinum album and a coveted Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella for their incredible techno Daft Punk Medley.

4. The Cantasticos and the Singboks

Unfortunately, there were not very many interweb sources that showcased the talents of the Cantasticos and the Singboks. But not all is lost! You can hear the two talented groups belting it out with the rest of the a capella competitors in the Pitch Perfect 2 version of "Any Way You Want" It by Journey!

With the cameo talents of these five groups to look forward to as well as the many Bella antics that are bound to occur, you can get your aca-butt to the theater and enjoy some Pitch Perfect fun!


Who was your favorite real life a cappella group?


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