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Grey areas in fandoms are no new occurrence, as most of you are probably aware already. It could be debating whether or not Batman should be considered a superhero, or if Bruce Banner would survive a gunshot he didn't know was coming, nevertheless I feel we can all agree that these grey areas exist.

In my opinion there is no greater grey area that every anime fan will run into at some stage in their Japanese culture filled lives, than one simple question. "Does that count as an anime?"

To non-otakus, this must seem like an absurd question. Surely you should be able to identify a specific form of media that you as a fan hold so dearly, right? Well simply put, I completely agree! We should be able to do this, but can we? Perhaps the border between "Cartoon" and "Anime" has been blurred too much over the years. With shows such as "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "Avatar: Legend Of Korra", "RWBY" and one of the most controversial ones of all, "Pokémon."

An argument can be made that if the show has been produced outside of Japan, then it should not be considered anime. But then what is the excuse for Pokémon not being considered a "true" anime?

Some like to say that if a show doesn't contain a somewhat dark and slightly twisted story arc, then it cannot be considered anime. To these people, I suggest watching Legend Of Korra.

Not only does is this show considered to be for kids, but it contains story arcs that could easily be found in any serious Japanese anime, and it's American made! So what's your opinion on , "Anime that isn't anime?" And be sure to comment any show you feel deserves to be discussed that I haven't mentioned!


Should the definition of anime be changed?


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