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Good day fellow nerds, geeks, and dweebs. Have you ever wanted superpowers? Ever wanted to fight crime? Ever wanted to punch that bully in the face for giving you a reverse wedgie for wearing Wonder Woman underwear even though your a guy... (Wait what?) WELL NOW YOU CAN! This blog is entitled to not only bringing news about superheroes in the comic, cinematic, and virtual universe, but in our world as well. We shall gladly discuss superpowers and abilities you Might be able to have.... Maybe.

We will start off our history with a quite obvious idea.... What does it take to be a superhero? Well to answer that, we have to look into comic book history and human history. Let us dive into the olden days of Detective Comics.... The year is 1938, the peak of the Great Depression. Some people are struggling to get buy while others are living a lavish lifestyle, meanwhile more and more people are coming into New York City hoping for a new life. A new beginning. To become the big guy. Meanwhile two kids.... Jewish kids mind you, were being picked on and bullied. One was a writer... One was a artist. They both would lay awake at night think about how to get them back... How they wish they were strong and powerful. They wish someone would stand up for them. And one night.... It him. Jerry Siegel, a boy trying to escape reality, created someone to stand up for them. And this how... Superman was born. The first superhero. He was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to clear buildings In a single bound... But that's irrelevant. What is relevant is why he was created. He was created to, as his "S" implies on his home planet, create hope. And his did, for he was the shining example of immigration. A orphan boy, from a far off land, coming to America to be raised happily and changes his name to fit in, becoming mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent. But when he is needed... He becomes superman. He is what gave so many people hope and belief that in America they can get a good life.

Moving down the chain... We come to batman. When he first began in issue 27 of Detective Comics, he wasn't as popular. He was a gun wielding sociopath who dressed like a bat. But as time went on... He became the shining ( or shall I say dark) image of heroism. He was Bruce Wayne... Young boy born to fortune and luxury. Never having to lift his finger to do work... But that would change one night. A family outing gone Wrong at the hands of "A Punk with a Gun." We all know the story... The pearls, the two gunshots, the crying boy... But do we know the man? Not entirely... As common known as batman is, people don't fully understand him half the time. He's more then a man in a cape. He has his own psychosis. Some describe it as hero complex, the state of mind where you must always jump to action, even leading to you creating problems for you to solve. But personally... I don't believe he does. I see Bruce Wayne and I see someone who can spend his life carefree and rich,living on a big fat stack of money. But he doesn't... Instead he spends every waking hour to being The Batman. He felt injustice and he decided to do something about it, which caused him to inspire many young heroes, robin (like... Seven of them!) night wing, Red hood, Red robin, Batgirl, Bat wing, bat woman, black bat, spoiler, and so many more.... Night runner.... ( I think that's it....?). And the biggest factor that batman has ever said.... "Heroes aren't born. They're made.". This is such amazing saying... Because it's true. A hero is never born. But at the same time you don't just wake up and say "I'll be a good person today!" No! You go through a change... All of man has the ability to be good. But those who use that ability... Are true heroes. And that's where the batman and true heroism idea comes from. Any one can be a hero... It just takes a little push. And in Nolan's "Dark Knight" films, we get another great quote, "... As a man, I am flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed. But as a symbol, I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting." This ties in to the superman idea... A symbol of hope. A symbol of justice. And that's what it takes to be a real hero , honestly. Not gadgets or powers... But an idea for justice. Something people can believe in. They see you and they think "... Not all hope is lost."

And that that is what it takes... In mindset at least.... We thank you for viewing our first ever post and and for joining us on our trip to main g real life heroes. Have any suggestions for next entry? Leave in the comments (superpowers you wanna investigate or a villain profiling. ETC.) thank you and... See you soon!


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